Use Social Intelligence and Influencers to Amplify Your Content

In the month of June, our theme has been social intelligence-powered content production and related topics for content marketers. Today we’re going to discuss ways to help amplify your content using relationships with influencers.

Let’s preface this conversation with a definition of ‘influencer’, which has become a widely used term in 2015.

An influencer is any person who has developed an engaged audience with his/her community. An influencer is usually an expert in a field such as photography, marketing, couponing or even fashion. Through their social media activity on channels such as YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter or other platform, they’ve amassed a following who admires the talents of that influencer and takes their opinions to heart.

These influencers are constantly looking for news and articles to possibly use in their outgoing communications on their social channels.

Here, content marketers, is where the opportunity lies.

Using social intelligence and good old fashioned people skills, we can find, approach and seed content to influencers for amplification.

How do I start?

If you’re considering an influencer content seeding plan, you and your organization needs to begin by generating visually interesting or intellectually stimulating content that the influencer and their community would find to be interesting and sharable.

Let’s begin this exploration with an applied example: Years ago, through my writing on my personal blog and a well-known tech blog I used to write for, I was an influencer for Nokia. The company saw me as an expert in mobile phones/technologies and liked my opinions. Therefore, they gave me the opportunity to trial phones, come to corporate events and get to know various experts inside the company.

This example is a good illustration of a healthy influencer relationship. Nokia received product opinions and earned media amongst my social posts and those of the other influencers in the program and I received early access to mobile handsets and was able to be the first online with opinions about Nokia phones, software and trends.

Generate a win-win

Depending on your industry vertical or viewpoint, your organization has a lot to offer influencers. But, why should the influencer reply to your email and start a relationship around your product or service?

At this point you might be thinking that the influencer will gain exposure and therefore he/she should reply to the ask. But I can tell you firsthand, there are too many requests  being made to influencers and you need to dig deeper.

Bring them in to the product formation. Smart companies approach influencers for their expert opinions in addition to access to the influencers’ audience. Reach out to influencers on Twitter or other channels and immediately offer to bring them into your process. Invite them to meet your team. Meet with them and ask for their opinion. Even if your legal department asks for an NDA, the feedback and collaboration earned from this type of relationship is invaluable.

Tailor the content in cooperation with the influencer. Say for example you’re at a company that sells a new type of healthy greek yogurt and you want to spread the word amongst fitness and health food influencers. Rather than simply developing a blog post or infographic and emailing 100 influencers with a request to share the content on their channels, instead email 10 of the top influencers and ask them what type of visual assets their audience would eat up.

I can guarantee that for some content producers, they have an idea for an infographic, but they don’t have a designer to help develop it and make it happen. Your marketing department does (if not, get one!) and therefore you can co-create the content. The brand will get higher engagement from the influencer and wider spread if this approach is taken.

Feature the influencer in the campaign. Let’s go back to the yogurt example above. If you’re looking to use an influencer’s celebrity status, offer to feature them in the campaign! This can take place in the form of images featuring them as a model, an expose on the influencer’s story or public speaking appearances featuring the influencer as a key participant. Note: some influencers will likely desire a payment for this type of endorsement so be ready to respond to this ask in your project planning.

How do I find these influencers?

Finding influencers can be difficult. Using Twitter search or other engines leads to many false leads and wasted time. This is where Sysomos can help you. Using our Sysomos MAP tool, we make finding influencers easy.

Influencer Bio Search

We’re amongst the only tools online that actually allows you to search Twitter bios. You see, many times, influencers put titles into their Twitter bio that, when keyed in to, yield fantastic insights into what drives and motivates them.

For example, a friend of mine, Shannon Dougherty, is a fitness expert, entrepreneur and wellness influencer. Check out her Twitter profile below:

Shannon Twitter bio


So, say you’re looking for someone who might find your yogurt to be beneficial to their audience, check out Sysomos MAP and click on the Influencer Bio Search.

Influencer bio search


Check out Communities in Sysomos

Sure finding individuals with a voice and high influencer score is great. But let’s dig deeper and see who is actually a community catalyst. Who influencers the influencers? Check out the Communities tab inside MAP to see just that:

Wellness Communities

Work with us

Looking for more information on how influencer marketing is done with Sysomos? Contact us today!

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