SlideShare: Corporate Storytelling in the 21st Century

Corporate Storytelling

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

As community managers and corporate communicators, we often get tangled up in the latest fads. Whether it’s a hot new social channel, new tweak to social networks or other, the social marketing world can be immensely distracting.

We often forget the basics. No matter what the medium, it’s our job as storytellers to purvey the tale of our company’s roots, our people and how our products enable consumers and customers to do their job better or live their lives at full capacity.


At a recent client event, I delivered a session called Smart Brand Social Storytelling.

In this session, I discussed:

  • How bad corporate marketers are making us all look bad
  • Re-visiting your core purpose for being present on social media channels
  • The importance of having a corporate and product narrative
  • Tactical tips and pointers on how to craft a storyline on mediums such as imagery, video and more to stay true to that corporate narrative
  • How to use influencers to help tell your story from their point of view

The Slideshare is embedded below and I look forward to advancing this conversation forward!

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(Image credit: Flickr user nickpiggott)


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