Deez Nuts Takes The United States Presidential Race By Storm

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The race for the next President of the United States is in full swing already. While a lot of the focus so far has been on some of the big names in contention to lead their party to a victory, like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, every once and a while a wild-card candidate briefly steals the publics attention. The other week, one such candidate stole the limelight for everyone online.

On August 19th a pole of candidates was taken in North Carolina and much to the world’s surprise a no name candidate was polling quite well there. The part where it’s gets interesting is when you learned that the candidate’s name is “Deez Nuts.” Seriously. And Deez Nuts was polling at 9%.

As it turns out, the person behind this third party candidate is actually a 15 year old boy from Iowa, but we thought it might be fun to take a quick look at Deez Nuts’ 15 minutes of fame in social media using MAP, our social intelligence engine.

Every election cycle hundreds of independent candidates register to run for President, but most of them never really get a chance to get their name out to the mass public. The same could have been true for Deez Nuts until his name was included on a poll being taken in North Carolina for some reason. Until the poll results were released, there was no talk of Deez Nuts, but on August 19th mentions of Deez Nuts shot through the roof. If we take a look at at a popularity graph for mentions of “Deez Nuts” over the past 30 days you’ll see what we mean.

Sysomos MAP - Popularity of Deez Nuts

And just how popular did Deez Nuts actually get? When we looked for mentions of “him” across social channels from the date the poll was made public to last night we found over half a million mentions. Deez Nuts was talked about in 818 blogs, 2,335 online news articles, 2,976 forum postings and 568,421 tweets.

Sysomos MAP - Activity Summary of Deez Nuts

There has also been 9, 642 online videos made that have mentioned Deez Nuts in their title or descriptions.

Sysomos MAP - Video Activity Around Deez Nuts

Even Google Trends‘s Twitter account reported that searches for Deez Nuts had surpassed searches for Hillary Clinton in the first few days after the world learned about the candidate.

So, how did Deez Nuts rise to get his 15 minutes of fame? Well, it seems that when people find out that there’s a candidate with a name like that, everyone wants to get in on the joke and report about it. We used our Communities of Influence tool to find the different communities that helped to spread word of the candidate and found an interesting mix of groups that were getting in on the action. Below, we can see the different communities represented by different colours. The blue cluster appears to be legitimate news sources like Time, CNN and even Vice. The orange cluster seems to be mainly made up of humour related sites and accounts like Cause We’re Guys and Funny Pics Depot, which makes sense given the humorous nature of having a candidate with a name like that. The next few clusters of communities are where we see that everyone wanted to get in on the Deez Nuts action. The cluster of green is mainly made up of entertainers and musicians. The YouTube Twitter that cluster, but we also find musicians like Skrillex, Ashton from 5 Seconds of Summer and actor Josh Peck (PortableShua). There is also a group of social media stars, represented in red, that were helping to spread Deez Nuts’s name. Pretty much everyone that heard his name wanted to get in on the action.

Sysomos MAP - Communities of Influence around Deez Nuts

Having a name like Deez Nuts definitely played to the social media crowd that enjoys some good toilet humour. That’s why we weren’t surprised to find that more than half of the tweets mentioning Deez Nuts came from men. Men accounted for 68% of tweets about the joke candidate while women only made up 32%.

Sysomos MAP - Gender Breakdown of Twitter Accounts Talking About Deez Nuts

While the name Deez Nuts swept across the United States, we found it interesting to see which states were actually tweeting the most about the candidate. The poll that had Deez Nuts listed on it, where he polled at 9%, came out of North Carolina, but they only accounted for 3.6% of the tweets we found about him. Brady Olsen, the real name of the 15 year-old boy that registered Deez Nuts as a candidate, hails from Iowa, but the state wasn’t making enough chatter about him to register on our chart. What we found interesting was how much he was being talked about in Texas, a state that is generally seen as a Republican state. To see an independent candidate that much traction there is quite a feat.

Sysomos MAP - US State Breakdown of Mentions of Deez Nuts

While the candidate seems like a joke, he seems to have a large number of people that are now rooting for him. When we analyzed the hashtags surrounding mentions of Deez Nuts we found that two of the most used were #DeezNutsForPresident and #DeezNuts2016.

Sysomos MAP - Most Used Hashtags Surrounding Deez Nuts Mentions

Does Deez Nuts actually stand a chance? Who’s to say, but it looks like his 15 mins of social media fame may be dwindling already.

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