Why Sysomos is Four Marketing Tools In One

Swiss Army Knife

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

As a practitioner who’s worked in the corporate community management and social marketing worlds for the last decade or so, I’ve used a wide variety of tools in my work.

When I first joined Sysomos in February, I knew Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat were very useful for social listening and monitoring, but what I’ve found being immersed in the product is that Sysomos MAP is *so* much more.

In my previous agency position where I did social, analytics and influencer marketing for Nokia and ultimately Microsoft, I used 5-7 different tools for my work. I had a tool for listening, a tool for finding influencers, a tool for monitoring/tracking influencers, a tool for competitive analysis and other tools to fill in the gaps.

In all this, I faced tool overload. It was too much.

Agency people, listen up! 🙂

I’m telling you this as a favor – Sysomos can help you solve this tools overload problem.

Sysomos MAP provides access to a digital marketing toolset that gives you a holistic picture of your digital footprint that can solve questions like:

  • What content is resonating most with our audience?
  • When’s the best time for me to publish my content?
  • What topic areas should I be focusing on that I don’t know yet?
  • Which influencers should I be talking to and *how* should I talk to them?
  • What are my competitors doing on social that my client should know about?

Listening and Monitoring

This is where Sysomos is known best in the market. We provide unlimited search queries on social media to up to 2 years of historic data. Our tools are fast, nimble and are easy to use.

MAP and Heartbeat provide real-time access to data as it happens so you stay informed when social trends break.

Need to know what a specific group on social is saying about a certain topic? Use a Media Set. They’re quite handy:

Media Set screenshot


Finding Influencers

Kim Miller ProfileInfluencers is my favorite topic because it’s been my career focus for the last 3 years. Sysomos MAP’s ability to surface names and personalities is very powerful. Of course we can give you high-authority social media influencers on any keyword.

For example, if you’re looking for women’s fitness experts, our data science backed toolset provides influencer lists based a query such as “Women’s Fitness”, “sportswear AND ladies” and so on. This is where Sysomos MAP starts.

Recently, many influencers have begun tagging their Twitter biographies with keywords so they can be found by brands and agencies. Luckily for our clients, Sysomos is one of the only tools where you can search through bios to find these amazing personalities.

Our Influencer Communities tool is a powerful visualization of how influencers collaborate and communicate with each other online.

Sysomos MAP - Zoomed In Communities

Competitive Analysis

Sometimes you want to know what your competitors are up to online. This might include how their owned social media account are performing, how much engagement their content garners or how your brand’s share of voice compares to your closest competitors.

Competitor dashboard

Share of voice

This is a powerful stat to track and monitor as a key component of your reporting strategy. No matter your vertical, whether you are a university competing against other universities for student admissions, a brand competing in a heavily populated market or some other situation, keeping track of your share of voice and what drivers push it one way or another is extremely important.

Sysomos MAP - Comparison Share of Voice

Seeking opportune moments

In marketing, seeking competitive opportunities is a constant activity. Are you listening in a way that provides you opportunity?

Say for example you’re a local coffee shop that provides first class service. You could use this as a competitive edge by using listening queries to see people complaining about bad service in association with coffee.

Sysomos MAP - Negative Word Cloud Around Starbucks Employees

Then conduct proactive outreach to reach out to these social media personalities and invite them in for a free cup of joe to experience the difference. 🙂

Wrapping up

Sysomos is a powerful set of tools that, when put to use in the right way, enable digital marketers to have a competitive edge at all times.

How do you use Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat to stay ahead of your competition?

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