CMO Mark Young: How Sysomos is Building the Leading Toolset

Fitting the puzzle together

Mark Young, Former Contributor

For years you’ve known Sysomos for our MAP and Heartbeat social intelligence platforms.

Heartbeat is an industry leading tool that is a go-to for brands looking to listen, understand, learn from and engage with their audiences.

MAP, the Media Analysis Platform, allows companies to do in-depth research across the social media landscape helping you to make sense of different topics of conversations and understand where they’re happening, why they’re happening, who’s driving the conversation and more from two years ago up to this very moment.

Over the summer, we’ve integrated two amazing companies, Expion and gazeMetrix, in to #TeamSysomos. 

Expion allows brands to manage their relationships and both their paid and organic content across the social sphere in one convenient place, making it easy to discover patterns, breakouts and trends instantly and in real time.

Sysomos Gaze is game changer for the industry. No longer do brands need to be tied down by text only monitoring. With the social web leaning into a huge shift of less words and more images, it’s important that brands be able to see how their brands are being represented out in the world, and Sysomos Gaze is the product to help them do it. Sysomos Gaze finds images of your brand across social channels and brings them together in one place so that you can discover, engage and analyze how your brand is actually “looking” to the rest of the world.

With our roster of tools to help you better navigate and understand the digital marketing landscape and social data, we want to make sure that people understand the big picture that we have in mind. That’s why over the next few weeks you’ll see some content to help you understand how all of these pieces fit together and how they can help you do your job better.

We’re proud to present Sysomos’  CMO, Mark Young, to give you a quick overview of how our customers put these pieces together:

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