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Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

At Sysomos, we’ll always be up front and honest with you, the customers that make our business work. In that spirit, we’d like to make you aware of some changes to the data available within Sysomos MAP and Sysomos Heartbeat.

What’s Happening with Facebook and Sysomos?

Earlier this year, Facebook made an announcement that in order to better protect the privacy of their users, public Facebook status updates would no longer be made available through their API to any third party consumers of this API, which includes Sysomos.

Up until now, we have been able to provide our customers public Facebook data that they can use to see what people are saying on Facebook around any topic.

On October 31st 2015 Facebook will be retiring the API that provides Sysomos with this data.

What Does This Mean For Sysomos Users?

With this change, we will no longer be able to collect data from Facebook public status updates and comments in Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat. This means that the public status updates and comments we have been able to crawl and provide to Sysomos customers up to this point will no longer be available.

For MAP users, the “Facebook Status Updates” section will return mentions from wall posts and comments from fan pages instead of public status updates. (More information on this below)

For Heartbeat users, Facebook will continue to remain a source of data, but public status updates will be replaced with fan page mentions (comments and posts). As well, any data that you are collecting through your own Facebook fan page, using Facebook Fanpage Central in Heartbeat, will remain the same. Any historical data that has already been collected will not be impacted in any way.

What Facebook Data Will Still Be Available Through Sysomos?

Facebook Fanpage Central in Heartbeat will continue to operate as it always has and will not be impacted at all by this change.

The public status updates that we brought in for both MAP and Heartbeat will begin to be replaced by mentions from Facebook fanpages.. The data collected will include all posts and comments made on a set of around 13,000 fan pages that we crawl today, and we will continue to grow that list. If you are a Sysomos customer and would like more information on the types of pages we crawl, please contact your Social Media Specialist. Additionally, if there are pages that are relevant to you and your business that do not appear on this list, please inform your Social Media Specialist and they will make sure that it gets added to our list.

What Changes Will You See?

After October 31st, Sysomos users will notice an immediate change in the numbers they see from Facebook across all of our platforms. Users will notice lower Facebook data volumes than they are used due to the change, but the data will be more targeted and relevant as it’s collected from a specific set of fan pages.

Need More Facebook Data?

With these changes, public Facebook status updates will no longer be available in Sysomos. However, we have some great news about how you can still keep track of what everyday people are saying on Facebook.

This summer we announced that we have entered into a partnership with DataSift to help provide our customers with their Pylon offering, and we’re in the process of building our new Sysomos Scout product, currently available in alpha. This new offering will allow us to deliver Facebook data around brand or topic mentions, along with our industry leading analytics, in the form of anonymized data.

We’re almost ready to show off this new offering to the world. Keep watching this space as we’ll be making the announcement here in the next few weeks.

Once more, if you are a current Sysomos customer and have any questions or concerns around this deprecation of the Facebook API, please reach out to your dedicated account manager and they will be more than happy to help answer any questions you might have.
Thank you as always for being part of the Sysomos community.

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