Introducing Your New Facebook Friend, Sysomos Scout


Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Just a few months back we announced our partnership with DataSift to bring the Sysomos community access to aggregated and anonymized Facebook Topic Data, the new way Facebook shares valuable insights from Facebook without compromising consumer trust. Our partnership with DataSift meant we could start building something for you, the savvy digital marketer, to get working with Facebook Topic Data in the best possible way yet.

Definition of "Scout"

Today, we’re happy to share the early availability of Sysomos Scout, a new tool offering key insights into what events, brands, subjects and activities audiences are engaging with and sharing content around on Facebook.

Sysomos Scout    

Visualized in elegant and easy-to-read dashboards, Scout can help you better understand Facebook audiences and shows you:

  • what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry
  • how often your products are mentioned compared to your competitors
  • what people think and how audiences react to multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • what’s driving brand recommendation, purchase, advocacy or churn
  • the demographics behind the audience engaging with your brand across Facebook, including age, gender, country
  • the full picture of the social web by cross referencing Facebook data with data from other social sources



Getting started with Sysomos Scout is quick and easy; in minutes you can set up search terms to find relevant interactions and activity around your brand mentions, campaign terms, or related topics. Once search terms are set Sysomos Scout starts collecting ‘Interactions’, including stories, shares, likes or comments that match the query into a dataset.

Sysomos Scout - Interactions

Finally, Scout will visualize results into digestible analytics dashboards broken down by age-range, gender, and region and other key insights.

The combined power of Sysomos Scout, used in collaboration with Sysomos Heartbeat & Map and Sysomos Expion, delivers the Sysomos user community a single stop offering for analysis, content curation, publishing, targeting and engagement. The services give marketers and agencies a clear way to better understand customers; reach new, relevant audiences; and more importantly, deliver more relevant customer experiences.

Sysomos Scout - Trends

Sysomos Scout offers loads of powerfully actionable ways to analyze trends and topics surrounding your brand and we would love to share more with you about this latest addition to the Sysomos family of products.

If you would like a demo of Sysomos Scout or more information please send Sysomos Scout a friend request here

I’d like to know more about Sysomos Scout

Come back soon for some detailed data dives into exactly how Sysomos Scout can be used to drill into the world’s largest source of public opinion.

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