The Future of Social Data: Social Intelligence

Social Data

Amber Naslund, Former Contributor

The world of social data doesn’t look like it used to.

When most companies were getting introduced to the idea of “listening” on the social web, we were primarily concerned with what people were saying about our company and brand. But listening simply isn’t enough any more.

With the proliferation of data expected to grow 50x in the next ten years, companies need to not just listen to what’s happening now, but use data to predict what’s going to happen next, and be able to take actions on what they learn. Moreover, the rise in multimedia content like photos and videos means that listening and analytics need to include those data sources as well in order to stay at the bleeding edge of the social web. Plus, the companies leveraging these technologies need people, process and purpose as well to ensure that social intelligence isn’t lost in a corner of the marketing department but is positioned to be a key source of business intelligence for the entire organization.

We talked about all this and more in this week’s session at Social Media Week Chicago, entitled The Future Of Social Data: Social Intelligence. The slides are below:

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