Using Sysomos Heartbeat For Enhanced Social Customer Service

Social Customer Service

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Having a solid social customer service practice is table stakes for any company today. A report from J.D. Power & Associates said that 67% of consumers now go to social media first when they have customer service issues. Therefore, your brand should be providing fantastic customer service through social media.

But how do you actually do that?

Sysomos Heartbeat, of course!

Sysomos Heartbeat was created to be your everyday social media monitoring and intelligence software. It gives you the ability to constantly monitor, measure and understand those things and your audience. If you’re reading this though, you’re most interested in how you can use it to do the best social media customer service possible.

Customer service via social media sometimes looks like the wild west, but it doesn’t need to be. By taking advantage of best practices and making use of a tool like Sysomos Heartbeat, you can have a well-oiled social customer service process up and running in no time. A process that will ensure that you are sending the right responses at the right time.

Today, we’re unveiling a brand new download in the resources section of our site all about how you can set up the best social customer service procedures using Sysomos Heartbeat.

In this download we’ll show you:

  • Best practices for setting up social monitoring around customer service issues
  • How to be alerted about customer service issues instantly even if you’re not looking at the social channel it’s coming in through right at that moment
  • How to use your full team when dealing with issues coming in through social media to make sure that your customers are getting the best responses possible
  • How to measure the success of your social customer service efforts
  • And more

Download the Using Social Media For Customer Service guide right now by clicking on this link or the image below.

Using Social Media For Customer Service

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