#WHW: Where To Find Great Images For Your Social Media For Little To No Cost


Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

As a content creator, you’ve probably come up against this problem before:

I just wrote this really amazing thing, but now I need a great visual to go along with it so I can grab attention. Where can I find that perfect image?

Today we want to share some of our favourite resources that we use to collect images for our blog and social media posts.

Use Real Photos

Shoot them yourself. If you have a high quality camera such as a DSLR, go through your images and see if they match your editorial mission and copy. Using your own photos doesn’t cost you anything to get the rights to them, they’re already yours. And the best part is, most of your own photos won’t look a thing like stock photography.

Ask around your social circles. A friend of mine who worked on MasterCard Canada’s social media was constantly on the hunt for great non-stock photos for their long running “Priceless” campaign. She would constantly ask her friends to take pictures if they were going anywhere fun and send them to her. Suddenly, she had fantastic photos of concerts, beach adventures and more that were high quality. If you choose to employ this tactic, be sure to provide a photo credit.

Creative Commons Pictures

Relying upon Google Image Search is no way to find photos for a brand’s social channels. Avoid rights issues and instead look for images published under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons licensing essentially means that people have put their photos online, granting individuals and brands the rights to use these images, so long as credit is provided. The best part is, the Creative Commons organization has also created it’s own search tool to help you find images (or videos or music) that have been licensed for CC use.

If you don’t have any images of your own that you can use, try searching through CC licensed images.

Creative Commons Search Tool

Dollar Photo Club

Say you’ve tried the ‘free’ options and are still on the hunt for a spectacular image.

Earlier this year a colleague of mine turned me onto this great stock photography site called Dollar Photo Club. As you can probably guess, every photo on the site only costs $1 to license.

The site has a very large selection of of photos that are professional grade and can be easily searched. Not only can you search by keywords, but you can also specify if you want real photography or drawings, what shape the image should be, what you want the main colour theme of the image to be and even more. If you’re looking for a great place to find photos for super cheap, Dollar Photo Club gets my number one recommendation.

Dollar Photo Club

Do you have other great places to get images from that you want to share? Let us know what they are in the comments below.

Oh, and one last tip: Now that you have some great images, learn how you can customize them easily using another tool we love, Canva, which we wrote about in a previous Work Hack Wednesday post.



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