Announcing Sysomos Optimize and Influence

Sysomos Influence & Sysomos Optimize

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Hot on the heels of a banner year here at Sysomos, we wanted to started 2016 off with a bang. That’s why today we’re thrilled to introduce TWO brand new products that harness the power of data science to help marketers trying to reach a broader audience quickly surface influencers and communities relevant to their brand, and help boost the performance and return on paid Twitter campaigns; Sysomos Optimize and Sysomos Influence.

Sysomos Optimize: Maximizing Performance & Return on Twitter Campaigns

Sysomos Optimize

What does it do? Optimize helps you execute relevant and engaging ad campaigns on Twitter – with precision in a way that actually scales. Channeling Twitter’s full dataset, it helps you identify the right targets for your message, driving massive lifts in engagement over other targeting methods (match rates of up to 90 percent, and engagement lift rates of up to 300 percent).

How does it do this? The first step is creating highly targeted audience lists (up to a million Twitter users) based on conversations they are having, the hashtags they use or the information they publicly provide in their bio(s). All the while, the interface shows you samples, allowing you to make audience adjustments until you have the perfect list for your campaign.

Sysomos Optimize - Query Results

Once your audience has been selected, Optimize allows you to further expand your targeted list, as well as discover new prospects via look-a-like technology. Matching similar Twitter users – those that share common attributes with your desired audience – it enables you to grow your target audience by five million, while remaining highly targeted so that you meet your campaign goals.

Sysomos Optimize - List Request

The power doesn’t end there. By directly linking to Twitter’s Ad Platform, targeted lists can be automatically transferred into your campaign dashboard – ready to be used immediately. Additionally: once campaigns have been set up, Optimize will provide you with a set of performance metrics through detailed analytics dashboards and reporting tools.

Sysomos Influence: Boost Influencer Marketing Efforts

Sysomos Influence

Influencer marketing is an industry buzzword these days, but there’s no denying that influencer marketing campaigns can boost your campaign’s visibility, drive conversions and give your company new perspectives. Finding the right influencers for influencer campaigns, however, has always been quite a challenge.

In addition to Optimize, today we’re launching Sysomos Influence, a discovery tool that will facilitate your influencer marketing efforts by surfacing the right people saying the right things about your brand or products.

Influence uses our powerful analytics and robust data to help you discover and keep a pulse on the individuals and communities most connected to any topic, brand or trend. By being able to map how online communities are connected and what they talk about most, Influence offers detailed analysis to help you effectively engage with influencers in relevant and meaningful ways.

Sysomos Influence - Community Mapping

Sysomos Influence also allows you to quickly use keyword searches to discover hundreds of influencers around any topic that is relevant to your brand or line of products, and then quickly add them to a list that you can easily track. Find out what they are talking about, who they are talking with and the breadth of their social influence on the topic.

Sysomos Influence - Influencer Engagement Tools

Once you have your list of influencers, Influence can further help you by discovering who the key players are that are driving conversations in these communities and help you gain insights on the unique traits of that community as well as identify the connectors between all your key communities.

Our CEO, Lindsay Sparks, believes that, “Customers today demand to be heard and expect authentic, personalized and sometimes immediate engagements from brands. With these new product offerings, we’re delivering brands and agencies a world-class customer connection engine that improves over time and provides analysis and insights that can be actioned today.”

Sysomos Optimize is available for purchase today and Sysomos Influence is available in beta version. If you’d like to learn more about either of these products or schedule a demo to see them in action, just click here.

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