My Three Favorite Features of Sysomos Expion

Social Media Management

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

I’ve been the community manager here at Sysomos for over five years, which means that of the things I do, I also manage our social media activity. While I’ve been doing this for some time, the biggest – and best – change about  how I manage our social came halfway through last year when Expion became part of the Sysomos family.

Why? Expion has a whole host of features specifically targeted at helping brands manage their social presence – regardless of the number of social accounts they use. Given we enjoy using this so much, I wanted to highlight three of my favorite features.

Favorite #1: Publishing

One of the greatest features of Expion is the publishing tool. It’s something I take full advantage of every day. Enabling us to plan and plot our content out across multiple social networks, it allows me to post our content directly to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ all via single calendar view.

Sysomos Expion - Publishing Calendar

The process is super simple. I simply select the day and time that we want content to go live and are greeted with an area to craft our message, add media, select which networks to post to, and set up email alerts. If we need to change the date or time of a post – or post something immediately – it’s super easy to make a change and get it done.

Sysomos Expion - Publishing

What I really like about this is that we can set up our content and see it all in a way that make sense – whether it’s days in advance or first thing that morning. And if you have multiple accounts on multiple networks, there are all kinds of great options for using one at a time or multiples together.

Favorite #2: Media Organization

In today’s market, it’s imperative to have some kind of media that will grab an audience’s attention (i.e. an eye-catching image that makes people want to click on your content). If you’re like us and use images a lot, so they need to be easy to find, and easy to share (especially on Twitter, where images don’t automatically populate when you share a link).

Anticipating the need for this, Expion built image management right in – making it super easy to manage their use by eliminating the need to host and search through folders on your computer. By giving us the ability to store images within the Expion platform, it’s super easy to stay organized and find images that relate to any theme, campaign, region, or any other way you want to organize them.

Thus, the next time I need to add a specific image along with one of our blog posts, all I have to do is select from one already there.

Sysomos Expion - Asset Manager

Favorite #3: Engaging Our Community

The last tool I really like is the moderation tool. Why? Posting content on a social network is no longer enough – you also need to engage with people/your fans. The moderation workspace within Expion is really good for this.

For example: here I have columns (called stacks) that help me watch what’s happening on our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages. In each of these stacks, I can see a different network. Via two stacks (set up here for Twitter), I can monitor two things: one for the people @ mentioning and DMing us, and a second for anyone who mentions ‘Sysomos’ without the @ attribution.

So, whenever someone says something to us or about us, we can see what’s happening when it shows up in the appropriate stack.

Sysomos Expion - Moderation Stacks

And, to make my life especially easy, I can react and respond to any of those actions. I no longer need to keep switching between social networks. Everything I need is laid out for me on a single page, making it exceptionally easy to keep an eye on and engage with our communities across multiple channels at the same time.

Note: These stacks can be set up in many different configurations and include multiple account handles/pages for any of these networks.
While there are a lot of other great features and capabilities within Expion, these are just a few of my favorites and ones I use most often. If you’re trying to manage social media for your brand, whether it’s large or small, consider checking it out – it could very well make managing social a whole lot easier.

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