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Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Now that Sysomos Influence has been out in the wild for a week, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a hands-on tour of this exciting new product! My background is in influencer marketing, so this is a tool I’m super excited about Sysomos having in the market.

Influence or influencer marketing, for those unaware, is the concept of brands and businesses working with influential individuals on social media to raise awareness around a product, movement or service. Influencer campaigns can involve announcing or evangelizing a new product and other campaigns put influencers into the drivers seat to act as a brand spokesperson.

For those executing influencer campaigns, the first pain point is actually finding the best influencers to work with. Sysomos Influence uses our data-science backed methods to surface influencers with wide reach and committed audiences.

Let’s dig in with an applied use case by imagining the case of a local brewery looking to make a splash in the craft beer blogging scene. I live in Oregon, so I’ll use Oregon as an example.

Beginning Our Search

Sysomos Influence is keyword based, so we don’t have to read a big, thick manual on how to use the tool; finding craft beer fans in Oregon is as simple as searching “Oregon Beer”.


By default, Sysomos Influence pulls up the ‘cards’ of a random sampling of the top 200 influencers associated with my keyword according to their score. In our terminology, the ‘score’ is a ranking based on that Twitter user’s influence within their community. Being a beer blogger myself, I can vouch that this initial list is a fantastic sampling of Oregon’s brewing luminaries; it’s anchored by a few breweries, beer bloggers, and social influencers in the brewing community.

If there’s a new name that I haven’t seen yet, I can click on each person’s name and it will bring up what I like to call the battle card for that individual. From here I can see the Twitter user’s last 200 tweets, their follower count, and how often each day they tweet.


However, if I’m not yet satisfied and want to get to know this influencer better, I can use text analytics (the same killer text analytics found in Sysomos MAP) to hone in on @NewSchoolBeer’s tweets and see data visualizations of their tweets, including a buzzgraph and word cloud. I can also see their top performing tweets in the month prior to my initial search.



Typically, in analytics tools, word clouds and buzzgraphs are only available for big sets of data. One of my favorite facets of Influence is that I can use a buzzgraph to help decipher the keywords most often used by influencers. You see, if I’m a brand looking to work with influencers, I need to ensure that these voices on social media marry well with my brand’s personality. Text analytics tools help me separate the influencers I want to work with and those I don’t.

Top Tweets

Sure, any tool can show an influencer’s tweets and all. That’s nothing new. But Sysomos Influence goes one step further and shows you the top tweets for our timeframe (the past 30 days by default), and then goes one step further.

Looking at the tweets below, I can see that @NewSchoolBeer does his homework and his posts are data driven as well as insightful. Look at how the most successful tweet is a look-back at 2015 and a look-ahead to the top breweries in Portland coming in 2016. Clicking through to this blog post, it’s a well written post that builds community amongst beer fans in the Northwest. If I’m a new brewer, this is a publication and influencer I want to work with.

Influence Top Tweets

Remember how, above, I said Sysomos Influence goes one step further? Let’s analyize the top tweet listed above and see how that individual tweet performed for @NewSchoolBeer. Tweet Life does just that:

Influence Tweet Life

One can see, by looking at the tool above, that Sysomos Influence reports that Ezra’s tweet on 2015 Portland breweries reached its half-life an hour and 20 minutes after it was sent out. So, if I’m evaluating Ezra as a potential influencer, I can see that his tweets reach their audience fairly rapidly. Also, if I’m a brand looking to help spread this message, I’d re-tweet him according to the half-life to help boost the metrics and outreach of the post.

Let’s Look at Influencer Lists

Ok, so we’ve analyzed an individual influencer using the toolset. Now, let’s pretend we’ve done our research and found a group of influencers we’d like to keep in our prospect list for an upcoming project.

Simply click the plus signs on the initial search returns window and selected influencers to a list. Just assign a name and you’re good!

From the list home page, showed below, you get summary information, just like an individual’s page, but you can track a lists’s reach over time, tweets per day, etc.

Influence Influencer List

One really cool feature is the top keywords in the list above. These keywords can be useful in case you want to do further research for influencers on keywords other than your original set. In this case, the alternative keywords identified include yeast, homebrewer, Pacific and more. So if you want to find more brewing community influencers, look at those keywords.

What if you’re curious to see which tweets from this Influencer List are top performers? No problem, our new tool can show that too.

List Top Tweets

If I’m a brand influence marketer, I’ll load up all my prospects into a list and track that list over time to see who the major players are and how they shift day to day and week to week.

Thanks for taking a walkthrough of Sysomos Influence with me! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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