Introducing SET: Sysomos Everything Together

Sysomos SET

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

People often ask us what the “Sysomos” name means. No, it’s not Latin for great people doing great things (😀). It refers to a Greek term meaning “everything together.” Chosen to exemplify the essence of what our first two products do (MAP and Heartbeat), the term signifies the ability to see and make sense of what’s happening in the chaos that is the socialsphere – all from one place.

Since MAP and Heartbeat first launched, however, the social media landscape has changed. And so with it must our products – which is why today, we announce a first-of-its-kind platform: a solution we’re calling SET (Sysomos Everything Together).

Bringing the best of the best together, it blends all of our signature products (including two new ones) to form a single, unified platform – enabling you to fully listen, analyze, and act on social media data – all from one place.

Designed to deliver a seamless experience, SET features:

MAP [Research & Analytics]: Tap into billions of conversations spanning 189 countries and 186 languages with up to two years of historical data

Heartbeat [Listen and Monitor]: Capture the precise moment when content goes viral or when a crisis breaks with minute-by-minute analysis of spikes, dips in chatter, and buzz

Influence (beta) [Key Influencer Engagement]: Identify and engage with the top experts and influencers, and see who’s driving the most important conversations about your brand

Optimize [Targeted Ad Campaigns]: Increase the reach and relevancy of paid Twitter campaigns by zeroing in on and engaging with the right audience at the right time

From assembling key data insights to accessing and sharing data sets across products in the SET family via single sign-on, it’s a comprehensive, integrated solution featuring products that while great on their own, are better together.

Sysomos SET

The Sum of Its Parts (And Then Some)

Social media isn’t the sole responsibility of one person in your company, or even one group. Social strategy touches on so many aspects of the business – including media buying, customer service, market research, and communications. Before, these individuals and groups had to use disparate tools that didn’t necessarily work well with one another. With SET, you can do it all from start to finish.

Because Sharing is Caring

Featuring single-sign on and common navigation as users toggle through and across different products, SET is designed for seamless flow. For example: it allows you to share data sets across solutions, and nurture results all from a single interface.

Enabling the free flow of data between MAP and Heartbeat (as well as the all-new Optimize and Influence), it’s focused on helping agencies and brands bridge the divide and address the consumer lifecycle end-to-end: from data collection and research to analytics, influencer identification, and paid campaign optimization.

Use Case Example: Let’s say you’re about to launch a new product offering…

  • Start by looking for lists of people and communities in Influence that drive conversations around our new product’s market
  • Once you have the list, bring it into MAP and leverage what those people are talking about to research even deeper into what the larger market is saying across social channels
  • After completing thorough research into conversations, you can use that same information to set up queries in Heartbeat to carefully monitor and track important topics (enabling you to find the best opportunities to interact and engage)
  • While monitoring keywords, you surfaced insight into what truly resonates with your target demographic, so you decide to run a paid ad campaign on Twitter. Simply take your list of influencers or advocates over to Optimize to create a targeted audience list in seconds – one that can be immediately uploaded to Twitter


In today’s fast-paced world, there is no “wait and see.” The truth is: you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t see, let alone act on. SET is engineered to take this head on. As indicated by the example above, every task within the lifecycle informs each other. By synthesizing them all into one, integrated platform, it lets you form insights and make decisions based on social-based data much more quickly, fluidly, and effectively.

SET Dashboard

What’s Next? More Of Course

Sysomos SET is available in beta starting today. Users get product licenses for each component product plus the SET platform in one cost-effective package. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more or schedule a demo to see SET in action.

And stay tuned, because there’s more to come. As impressive and valuable as SET may be, our CEO, Lindsay Sparks, insists the company isn’t done taking users to the next (and needed) levels of social intelligence: “This platform is only the beginning of what we’re unlocking for companies and agencies in the future.”

What can that mean? You’ll just have to wait and see.

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