How to Crush it: A Use Case Using MAP, Heartbeat & Optimize

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Moving into 2016, we at Sysomos are committed to empowering you with the tools necessary for turning insights to action.

Sysomos Better Together

Data is no longer for those in research and analytics. It is now used horizontally across organizations to help everyone make better, more informed business decisions. Ultimately this is a good thing – but only if you have the tools necessary for turning insights into action. Otherwise you just have a whole lot of data to try and make sense of.

But don’t you need to be a data scientist to draw key insights? No, not at all. It’s really not that difficult (we promise). It all comes down to the right tools.

Getting It Right
If you haven’t heard, we recently launched several new products to start the year off with a bang, Influence, Optimize, Scout, and most recently, a full solution, SET (Sysomos Everything Together), can take you from start to finish with all your social monitoring, measuring, reporting and influencer identification needs.

MAP to HB to Optimize diagram

How can these make your life easier? First, they crunch the data for you and second, extract what you need to know- basically doing the grind work for you. Not convinced? Let me walk you through a use case using a couple products: MAP, Heartbeat, and Optimize.

make up bag with cosmetics and brushes isolated on white background

The Sitch:
You are a trendy makeup company that has quickly gained popularity over the past couple of years, but recently, you’ve plateaued in terms of brand advocates and attracting new fans. You decide you want to do some research to figure out what’s caused this slow down and more so, gain insights into the key topics being discussed in the makeup industry space.

Step One- Research:
You bust out MAP, our robust ad-hoc research tool analyzing over 500-billion conversations, all in real time, and build a couple of queries: One with your brand name, twitter handle, blog, some product names, campaign names and hashtags and the other, with variations of the word makeup, specific types, maybe some terms around beauty products and corresponding hashtags etc. (note: Sysomos account reps are always willing to help you build out and optimize your query. Don’t hesitate to reach out!)

You run your brand query, not seeing too much other than a decrease in mentions, so you jump over to your general makeup industry query to see what’s happening in the industry. Diving into our text analytics, you notice there’s a trend in themes in the World cloud (words most frequency used within your query results) around ingredients, animals, chemicals and testing- even vegan. You’re even surprised about how passionate some makeup enthusiasts are around these topics!

Makeup cruelty Word Cloud

Following, you see similar themes in the BuzzGraph (displays correlation between words) with words such as tested and cruelty, tested and Mac, as well as brands and tests having a strong relationship and appearing often together. Looking further, you also see vegan, again, FDA and unsafe.

Animal Cruelty BuzzGraph

Step Two- Monitoring:
You realize these conversations are ongoing and include important topics you need to stay on top of. You also wonder how much of this you’ve addressed in your messaging.

Additionally, you want to see how your competitors are doing and are curious as to how they’re being talked about in relation to these buzzing topics.

So, you set up a Heartbeat account with customized queries, creating your own personalized library, and tags to categorize that information: One for your brand, one for each competitor, and one for each important topic we discovered in MAP for tracking, measuring, and reporting.

Fast forward a month later: Because you’ve been doing your daily monitoring and have set up handy email alerts from Heartbeat to your inbox, you noticed a decent spike in mentions for your brand yesterday. Unfortunately, they’re not positive. Why? A fairly large animal and environmental activist group has targeted your company on Twitter because your products are tested on animals and contain animal lard. You are also being accused of using harsh chemicals that hurt the environment, as well as being publically compared to your main competitor who doesn’t and who uses biodegradable materials. I think you have a building crisis on your hands…

new HB Spike in convo

Step Three- Targeting:
Thanks to Heartbeat, you discovered this before it spread across the web. You gather your marketing, comm, and product teams to strategize some crisis control. The outcome, a public statement from your company acknowledging its practices could use a revamp – and that you’re in the process of developing a new product line that is 100% natural, biodegradable, gluten/soy-free, doesn’t test on animals and… is vegan! You need to get the word out immediately to mitigate the recent negative chatter and redirect the focus. You want to ensure you are being effective, but what’s the best way to do that? Get your message to the right people, the people who care! This is where Syomos Optimize comes in.

Channelling the full Twitter dataset and leveraging the solution’s proprietary algorithm, you are able to pinpoint target audiences based on their exact interests, not merely on keywords, demographics, or geography (but all those can be a great help too). You decide you are going to focus on targeting natural beauty enthusiasts, as well as the vegan community, which will no doubt increase Twitter campaign engagement and cost effectiveness (because again, they are the people who care).

Optimize- Natural Beauty

Optimize screen-grab- vegan
To make your life even easier, and continue your success, Optimize automatically finds look-a-like targets, enabling you to continually grow and improve your reach. You can create lists up to 5 million Twitter IDs, review the campaign metrics as you go along, and make adjustments based on the social data it provides.

Optimize flow chart

Sure, the fictitious example was challenging – but with the right social tools, there are ways of turning things around and leveraging key insights to not only drive better business decisions, but action that is engaging and meaningful with the right customer base/target audience.

If you want to see any of these tools in action, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We have seasoned pros that have eons of experience in helping people like you turn actionable insights into bankable intelligence.

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