Tracking A Product Release On Facebook With Sysomos Scout

Sysomos Scout

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

It has long been a challenge to understand what’s happening on Facebook. What are people sharing? What are they engaging with? With the release of anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data, you can now know.

It’s with this great new data feed that we were able to create Sysomos Scout.

Sysomos Scout unlocks the mystery of Facebook by giving you access to search across Facebook to find out how much a topic of interest is being discussed and insights such as:

  • What types of people are having these conversations? We feature demographics such as age, gender and location
  • The nature of the discussion such as: are folks on Facebook sharing images or just mainly sharing text updates?


Sysomos Scout will give you greater insight into Facebook so you can better understand what’s occurring on the world’s most used social network.

To give you a better idea of the power of Sysomos Scout, we’ve built a use case that walks you through Scout’s functionality. Join us as we use the example of a brand trying to track how a new product launch spread through Facebook.

In this use case you will learn:

  • Tips to help you set up the right kinds of queries to get the data that you’re actually interested in
  • How to identify trends of what is spreading across Facebook and why
  • How to determine what content and what kind of content is getting the most traction
  • How to use data to compare what topics are being discussed most and even what kinds of people are discussing different topics
  • And more…

You can download the Tracking A Product Release On Facebook Using Sysomos Scout use case now by clicking on this link or the image below.

 Tracking A Product Release On Facebook Using Sysomos Scout

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