That Time Peyton Name Dropped Budweiser. Twice.

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Most of North America paused yesterday to watch the football and ad spectacle that is known as the Super Bowl. In its 50th year, the game provided a good show of athleticism and sportsmanship (minus the press conferences), and an expected battle amongst brands to be the most popular Super Bowl commercial.

While companies spent millions to produce and air their ads during the big game, Budweiser scored a major win when Peyton Manning name dropped the brand twice in a post-game interviews, including this mention with CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson.

Budweiser claims they didn’t sponsor Peyton and that the name drop was organic, but that’s a conversation for another time.

How did Peyton’s name drop perform on social?

The answer: pretty damn well. We looked at an hour-by-hour analysis in Sysomos MAP to investigate.

Evaluating the span between 6:00 PM and midnight EST, Budweiser generated 102k mentions on social media, according to Sysomos MAP. Running a compare query on the same timeframe, including “Peyton Manning”, shows his Budweiser name drop generated 98k mentions.

Effectively this means that in two mere mentions, Budweiser gained a 2x lift than their regular ad spend would have generated – and significantly more than their official campaign, Hellen Mirren’s #GiveADamn ad, which garnered only 28k mentions on social media.

In the end: the 98k boost that Peyton provided Budweiser resulted in Bud being 4th in overall brand references amongst Super Bowl advertisers.

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Image credit: Flickr user Jason B

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