Marketing 101: Be Customer Centric In Everything

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Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

This month, I participated in a webinar, hosted by LatAm Startups, an organization based in Toronto that empowers startups based in Latin America (hence the LatAm name) to scale their businesses in North America.

Our conversation centered on social marketing and how LatAm startups can bring their businesses to North America. What did we learn? Watch the hour-long session below and see the takeaways below!

Big budgets are no longer required

It used to be that you used to have big budgets for marketing to break into the conversation pool. This is no longer the case, because social media and ad targeting, combined with innovative campaigns mean any sized organization can make a huge splash. And that ‘splash’, can be measured, refined and refactored constantly. We’re lucky because social data puts a huge population at your fingertips.

Be customer centric, always

What is a healthy practice every startup should do regularly in order to have a good marketing strategy?

The first is to be customer focused. In your marketing materials, speak to a problem or situation in which your product or service fixes and why it’s better than the competition. Do research into your target market and strive for relevancy in every outreach method you conduct. After your experiment (no matter how small or large), measure and readjust.

Marketing in 2016 isn’t about the big spend and blasting your message across every available channel. It’s about doing stunts and being creative.

Don’t be annoying

Some people may find some marketing strategies annoying. How do you avoid sending ‘annoying’ messages?

First of all, let’s examine what makes ads or targeting annoying – they’re:

  • Irrelevant to me
  • Poorly timed
  • Low quality
  • Not personal

Again, in all that we do as marketers, we must remain customer focused. The advice to avoid annoying messages is to speak to how your product or service is better than what the potential customer is using now. Use advanced targeting using a tool such as Sysomos Optimize to ensure your message is being delivered to a relevant audience.

Working internationally as a team

What are the best ways to plan an international marketing strategy through social media when your potential customers are located in different time zones?

  • You tackle it with an audience-focused approach. Target your audience and tailor messages for their time of day and for their work day
  • Build a team across time zones
  • Use a social media toolset that enables that team to collaborate and update trouble tickets no matter who’s answering the questions
  • Measure your content metrics to see what times of day draw the most engagement. In 2015, we profiled the team who discusses using Sysomos Heartbeat to work across time zones collectively

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