The Next Wave of Social Intelligence

the future of social intelligence

Lindsay Sparks, Former Contributor

The world of social media intelligence is rapidly changing. Where we were as a company when we first started in 2007, the landscape looks nothing like it does today in 2016.

We know our customers need more than social media monitoring tools, which is why we’ve worked feverishly in the last year to bolster our offerings and partner with our customers, helping them turn social data into bankable insights.

All that effort has paid off. Having done extensive research into our market space and looking at all we’ve accomplished in the last year, I’m honored and excited to announce that we’ve been awarded the 2016 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award from Frost and Sullivan.

Frost and Sullivan’s Product Line Strategy Leadership Award

This award is based on the research firm’s holistic analysis of Sysomos’ product line breadth, current and future growth strategy, and finally, recognition of our products’ price/performance value.

According to Frost and Sullivan – “Sysomos has greatly enhanced its offerings from two impressive product to seven, covering all aspects of social media listening for companies with one or multiple brands to monitor, furthering the social media monitoring tools market growth. With the support of Sysomos’ tools, companies can turn insights into action and satisfy target audiences.”

Again, we are honored to be the recipient of the 2016 Best Practices Award. If you want to read more about this, a full copy of the report is available for download below.

It’s not just about the tools, but the talent behind the tools

Our excellent training and customer care practices were also noted in the report. You see, every Sysomos purchase includes a dedicated product specialist assigned to help you make the most of your investment, provide a smooth onboarding process, and ensure our customers’ achieve long term success with our products. We see that as a real differentiator in the market and are glad Frost and Sullivan agrees.

Looking ahead

Emerging in 2016 as a leader in the industry, with the most complete strategy and vision, world-class talent, and a comprehensive application set, we plan to continue to lead through investment and innovation in the industry’s best applications in visual and text analytics.

In our view, the Social Intelligence Platform of the future requires capabilities that are deeply integrated and enable marketers to manage efforts from end-to-end. Today’s marketers require tools that enable:

  • Research: Uncovering, analyzing and understanding relevant trends and topics (and the people leading those conversations) across the web
  • Listening: Discovering conversations and content relevant to your brand to inform content and enable response, including both text and visual content analysis
  • Engagement: Creating, publishing and distributing both original and curated content to educate and inform your communities, and surface and support social customer care opportunities
  • Analysis: Evaluating the performance of campaigns, content, and engagement to improve business outcomes and inform future strategy


Our platform has been purposely built – through both innovation and acquisition – to support the entire scope of digital imperatives for today’s businesses. In addition to offering seven of the industry’s best-in-class products to address these requirements, we recently introduced Sysomos Everything Together (SET) which integrates our MAP, Heartbeat, Optimize, and Influence applications into a single-user interface; the first solution of its kind in the industry.

We invite you to download the Frost and Sullivan report and share it amongst your colleagues and to learn more about Sysomos. If you want to see Sysomos in action and see what all the fuss is about, reach out to request a demo! Our team is waiting to hear from you.

Click here to download the Frost and Sullivan report for yourself.



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