See Marketing Leaders Bonin Bough and Gary Vaynerchuck at SXSW


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At South By Southwest 2016, in the Sysomos Lounge, we were lucky enough to have Bonin Bough, author of Txt Me and Chief Media and eCommerce Officer at Mondelēz International and Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO of Vaynermedia, join us for a thoughtful discussion on digital marketing, selling, and advertising.

Lucky you (and us), we got to film their discussion – a video you can now view. It was special treat to hear these highly influential thought leaders debate the future of digital media and the trends of tomorrow’s digital landscape.


  • Are big brands and agencies capable of building unicorns, as they’re known to today?
  • Which channels are most effective for driving attention and converting sales?
  • *How* can you leverage messaging and creative to draw in viewers and ultimately sell?
  • How are mobile and the internet changing everything in the digital landscape?

Because we love you

To whet your appetite, we’ve scored three clips that will shed more light and insight into what Bonin and Gary had to say.

Clip 1: Can big companies create scalable “unicorns”? Gary and Bonin duke it out.

Clip 2: Spend your marketing dollars to build relationships, not blast messages across the web.

Clip 3: There are many platforms and distribution channels. Do you distribute direct or through social?

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