It’s Time For Some Sysomos MAP Madness

March Madness Basketball

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

If you’re a lover of college basketball, then the next few weeks will be heaven. It’s that time of year again when people crowd around their TVs for two and a half weeks to watch the best NCAA teams duke it out to prove who’s the best (complete with bragging rights for the next year). That’s right, it’s March Madness time!

Our Sysomos teammates are hyped the tournament started today. There’s even a few March Madness pools going around the office (NOTE: Sysomos in no way condones gambling of any sort).

Last year, the Sysomos pool was won by Social Media Specialist Tyler Watson.  While building the perfect bracket is no small feat, what made his win especially impressive: he made it using picks based on Sysomos MAP data.

Given this method worked so great for him last year, Tyler decided to give it a go again this year. Tapping into analytics in Sysomos MAP, Tyler used the compare feature to run through every possible matchup, picking his winners based on which team had the most social media mentions since January 1 of this year. His full bracket:

Tyler Watson's MAP March Madness bracket

While Tyler’s feeling pretty confident, he has a new contender this year: another one of our Social Media Specialists, Nate Pallen. Deciding to put his own spin on it, Nate did the same as Tyler (choosing picks based on overall team name mentions), but added in qualifiers to his search – team names that were also mentioned alongside words like “pick”, “winning”, or “going with.”

His methodology: go with the wisdom of the crowd and pick only the teams who others are saying they’re picking. Nate’s bracket:

Nate Pallen's MAP March Madness bracket

In the coming weeks, we’ll follow along closely to see who does better this year. We’ll also follow up after the tournament ends to recap how it went.

What do you think about their approaches? How did you go about making your picks? Let us know in the comments.

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