Sysomos and Jive Integrate to Improve the Brand Experience

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Last week, Jive Software held their annual JiveWorld conference. Bringing together more than 1,600 of their customers, partners, and community members, it showcased the latest innovations and best practices in modern communication and collaboration.

It also featured an announcement, sharing for the first time that elements of Sysomos’ Heartbeat can now be integrated into their Jive-X and Jive-N products.

What is Jive?

If you’re not familiar with Jive enterprise solutions, it’s a social community software, internal and external, that allows brands to create and nurture communities online, grow customer engagement and advocacy, assist with employee engagement, improve customer support processes, enhance partner enablement efforts, and much more.

Essentially a collaboration and engagement hub, a place where members can find answers to their questions, access branded content/resources, and share their knowledge and enthusiasm with each other.

With the Sysomos Heartbeat integration, brands can now route social conversations from Heartbeat into their Jive platform, connecting their user communities and the public world of social media.

How It Works

Upon surfacing relevant conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, and more, posts can be directly fed into specific groups in Jive – enabling employees, community managers, support teams, and even community advocates to not only see what is happening in the social sphere, but rally around the brand to support, help, and answer questions.

Bring The Social Media World Into Jive Through Sysomos Heartbeat

Sysomos and Jive: Serving A Larger Need

What do brands gain from this integration?

  • Marketing Engagement and Advocacy: Connect influencers in the community with the marketplace to drive leads, increase brand affinity and long-term loyalty
  • Customer Support: Leverage the expertise of advocates or support agents from your community for 1:1 engagement on social channels
  • Sales Support: Proactively engage with prospects, customers and partners in real time

Collectively, this is a beneficial combo for companies that are not only serious about engagement and proactive customer support, but also looking to truly empower their influencers and advocates to take action on their behalf.

During the unveiling, Darin Wolter, EVP of Sales here at Sysomos, shared some interesting statistics with the audience:

Customers Expect To Be Heard

Also worth noting: according to Nielsen’s 2015 study, recommendations from friends and peers are the most credible form of advertising, and owned media (brand managed websites) are the second-highest rated among consumers.

Earned vs Owned vs Paid Media

What does this imply? That increasingly, earned, shared and owned media are shaping the market and driving consumer behavior and purchase decisions.

For companies that are smart about capitalizing on this shift and want to be agile when engaging with their customers at the right time and with the right channel, the Sysomos and Jive integration is the technology that will enable them to do so.

To learn more about the integration, check out the press release or drop us a line in the comments section.

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