Cheat Sheet: 2016 Social Media Video Length

Erica Jenkins

Instagram recently announced that video length is being extended from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. What does this mean for businesses who run campaigns? This move creates a new option for advertising across Facebook and Instagram.

Although video publishing on Instagram has been slow to adopt (due to the nature of the channel and user behavior, which primarily are ”scroll and roll” not “stop and watch”), Instagram ad targeting is changing the underpinning of how users interact on the app and how marketers want their message seen through the platform.

As social marketing continues to shift from organic distribution to paid campaigns to reach specific audiences, it won’t surprise us if other channels follow suit. This move is just enough to not be too disruptive to a user’s experience but still appeases the marketing demand.

If you’re looking at video as a content medium to drive engagement, here’s a quick list of where video length stacks up today with this change.


Instagram video length


Snapchat video length


Twitter video length


Facebook video length


YouTube video length

(Featured image: Flickr user maaloe)

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