What You Need to Know About Up-Leveling Your Customer Service on Facebook

Facebook F8

Erica Jenkins

On Tuesday, as part of the annual F8 developer’s conference, Facebook made a few impactful announcements related to how brands can interact at scale with their customers using Facebook Messenger.

Although these tools are exciting for brands, another channel may have the lead in one-to-one messaging. Who you ask? Look no further than WeChat.


Let’s compare a couple of features head-to-head coming off day one of F8

Although this is helpful and guides a customer down a path to answers, Facebook’s Bots announcement via the acquisition of Wit.ai empowers the network of developers to accelerate messenger capabilities at scale. WeChat’s is all done through a rules engine on the Native web application and takes manpower to enable.

Win to Facebook on this one.

Page Level Enhancements for Mobile Optimization

KLM on FacebookFacebook noted several new enhancements today that businesses will love.  The one that stood out the most was the KLM case study on calls to action, particularly the action to Book Now.

Facebook is supporting many vertical specific actions to show marketers how to drive revenue while putting streamlined search into a user’s hand on their device of choice. Michael Sharon, Head of Product for Pages at Facebook, stated that KLM has generated almost a $1 million in airline ticket sales attributed to direct links off their page.

Due to the sheer fact that Facebook Pages are public, I’ll be watching to see best practices emerge on this. How often should a brand change the call to action is one question to be solved.

Win to Facebook again.

Helping Brands drive customer loyalty and customer experience

Every brand is not as responsive as they should be. As Messenger takes off as a new CRM option, you’ll have to be ready to engage with customers. Facebook launched the ability to set away messages when your team or business can’t be online to assist. Instant replies are also available based on keywords that you’ve defined. The best part is that none of these will be taken into consideration on your page response rate score or calculations.

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