Real-Time Search Optimization with Google Posts

Erica Jenkins

Interesting new functionality is being tested by Google to see if the ability to push real-time content into Google search results will drive more awareness for brands and media companies.

Google quietly introduced the ability for a verified account to publish a Google hosted post up to 14,400 characters with up to 10 images or a video with your post.  The Accelerated Mobile Publishing (or AMP) is specifically targeted to people searching on-the-go.

Although this feels like a bit of a Google+ revival, these posts are geared to give a quick access to something relevant since the content only lives for 7 days.

This is very different than the partnership Google and Twitter announced last year where tweets are indexed in search results.

It will be interesting to see how this is adopted, as traffic from these posts is all captured by Google (vs. driving click through to your brand’s website).  We’re keeping an eye on how this will be adopted and if it is valuable to our customers in the future, since products like Sysomos Expion have nine other real-time publishing capabilities across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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