Why Influencer Marketing Needs to Be Influencer Focused

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

The idea of working with influencers really isn’t new. There have always been great content producers with platforms, but in 2016, the market is realizing that the realities of change. With the spread of publishing platforms and the Internet, it’s no longer just reporters on broadcast, print, or radio channels who have ‘influence’.

Online influencers can be ‘Internet-famous’ and be a rock climber, photographer, super smart programmer, or a young fashionista. And when a brand and influencer work together on amazing campaigns, that’s where the magic happens.

Most influencer marketing pieces focus on how the company or brand benefits by working with influencers. Too often, the posts talk about ‘getting more impressions’, ‘gaining more eyeballs’, and the like – and they’re all focused on the brand and what the brand gains from the relationship.

But here’s the thing: we need to focus the conversation to be about the influencers too. Why? Let’s discuss three reasons we need to ensure we stay influencer-focused when conducting our campaign planning and execution:

Your branded content sucks. Influencers keep you relevant.

In the world of content marketing, brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to research and know their audiences. We develop personas and put names such as “Rebecca”, “Juan”, and “Charlie” to sample profiles so corporate writers and editors have a target of how to shape content. And, after all that effort, in many cases, branded content misses the mark and  doesn’t resonate or get shared on social channels.

However, influencers who are effective at what they do are in constant communication with their audience. They’re interacting every day via YouTube comments, blogs, Facebook Live, and more. These influencers are constantly monitoring their own Google Analytics to see what content hits and which types miss.

So, the action item,for you, dear marketer, is to bring these influencers into the fold. Help them craft language and viewpoints (depending on the medium) and ask them to help. Given the right opportunity and working arrangement, the branded content will be a home run!

Organic reach is dead. Influencers are a megaphone.

Savvy social marketers know that algorithms are the name of the game. To get attention on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, you have to pay to amplify your content.

Does your brand want to target audiences based on verticals? Influencers are an effective matchmaker, in this case. Again, influencers know their audience and the savvy influencers have media kits that have audience profiles with details such as gender, ethnic background, approximate age range and location. Brands/agencies: always ask for an influencer’s media kit. If they don’t have one, you should question working with them.

From one influencer to one another. This is super helpful

As an influence marketer, I love having an amazing experience with an influencer. When we conduct a campaign or event together that stays within budget, blows our metric forecast out of the water, and we had a great time doing it together, I (and my brand) want to do it again!

Also, guess what? Influencers network with each other constantly. Many influencers develop relationships with one another either online or in person while at events together. The top influencers constantly discuss what projects they’re working on and the brands behind them.

I’ve had major success growing my influencer networks based on personal recommendations of my influencers to other influencers and I invite you to do the same. It’s the easiest way to find more high-quality individuals to work with because, after all, influencer marketing is word of mouth, right?

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