Sysomos Video White Paper Featuring Gartner: Advancing Your Social Analytics Capabilities

Gartner Video White Paper

Amber Naslund, Former Contributor

Social media analytics can be powerful and effective for almost any organization in today’s online world. In fact, having some kind of analytics technology for social data really is table stakes today. Why?

Insights from social data can help companies or agencies of any size understand their industry, their own brand and reputation, and their competition’s market position, and use those learnings to ultimately make better and faster business decisions – from marketing to customer service to product innovation and beyond.

While the promise of social data and analytics is great, many companies are still challenged by the massive amounts of data, the difficulty of creating processes and operations to support the application of analytics inside the organization, and how to effectively integrate social data with other business metrics and data sources they might already use.

In addition, there’s a great deal of excitement around the potential for this incredible source of unstructured data to tell us not just what happened in the past, but to help us predict what might happen in the future (and guide us to make the decisions that will help us meet new opportunities as they emerge).

State of the Industry

Recently, featured Gartner analyst Jenny Sussin discussed the state of the social data and analytics industry. She offered insights about how companies are using social data today, why it’s such a critical source of intelligence for organizations of all types, and what the future might hold for analytics technologies and capabilities as big data becomes the norm as well as what forward-thinking companies need to consider.

To see the interview on Advancing Your Social Analytics Capabilities, click here.


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