[Upcoming Webinar] Using Social Media to Solve Business Problems

Alex DiRenzo Alex DiRenzo, Former Contributor

The growth of social media marketing has also meant the birth of a social media monitoring market to help businesses track, evaluate, and analyze their social presence and activities of businesses.

In the early stages of growth for social media marketing, it was common for social strategies to be fairly simple. Social was the responsibility and concern of the marketing department or maybe a hired agency and was limited to monitoring for bad mentions, some customer engagement, and acting as an additional broadcast outlet for content.

How the times have changed. After years of social marketing strategies slowly transitioning from a nice-to-have to a must-have, the demands businesses now have of their social monitoring solutions are also changing dramatically. It’s no longer enough to simply track, monitor and engage from a marketing perspective.

Companies now want to be able to use social as a resource and a tool for helping them make informed business decisions and ultimately help them solve business problems. But how can social strategies change to meet this new demand and what should you be looking for in a monitoring solution to help you execute your strategy?

On June 8, 1:30 PM EST/ 10:30 AM PST we’ll be joined by market analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, to discuss an overview of the challenges and trends emerging in the social media monitoring market. We’ll also look at how social media can be used to help solve complex business problems, and discuss how the Sysomos product story is evolving to support this.

You won’t want to miss this webinar and an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and hear where social media marketing and monitoring is headed and what you can prepare for.

What you’ll learn:

  • Social monitoring market overview
  • Challenges and trends in social monitoring
  • How social monitoring can solve business problems
  • Frost & Sullivan product line strategy leadership award

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