3 Ways To Use Facebook Topic Data For Better Business Decisions

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Facebook topic data is unlike other data sources we’re used to in the social media analytics world. In most other cases, we’re used to seeing actual posts of what people are saying. But Facebook topic data keeps that individual user and what they’re actually saying private. Instead, what we do get is aggregate, anonymous information around topics of interest. However, this does not make Facebook topic data any less powerful when it comes to making smart business decisions based on its data – which is why we built Sysomos Scout. We want to give users the best tool possible to find that information in an easy to understand way.

With Facebook being the world’s largest social platform, boasting over 1.6 billion monthly active users, getting aggregate data can actually make it easier to look through hundreds to millions of posts and distill them down to the most important information for your business. Today we’d like to walk you through three examples of how Facebook topic data can be used to make smarter decisions for your business.

Finding the best audience to target

Many companies think they know exactly who their target demographic is. When designing a product or service, they generally do so with that target audience in mind. But sometimes companies can be surprised by the types of people who are actually using or are interacting around their product online.

There was a great example given in Adweek a little while ago in which a snack brand thought the best time for them to advertise would be just before a sporting event to their target demographic of males around 25 years old. The snack brand conducted research using Facebook topic data to confirm if their suspicions were right.  What they found though was that the most active demographic around their brand was actually women between 35 and 60 who talked about the brand up to 6 hours before a game.

By tapping into Facebook topic data this brand was able to realize they were way off on who they thought their target audience should be and adjusted their advertising tactics to be more in line with their new findings. This created much greater results for their promoted post campaigns on Facebook.


Create better products/service for your customers

Facebook topic data is not only good for keeping on top of mentions of your brand, but for gaining audience-level insights into what is going on around an entire industry or product category at all times as well.  By doing this you can tap into the collective opinions of more than 1.6 billion people a monthly active users to find out what they think about products like yours so that you can make them better and more appealing.

For example, if you are a manufacturer of portable speakers, it might be a good idea to follow all the engagements around portable speakers on Facebook. By doing so, using software like Scout, you can then look at things like word clouds to find out what words are most being used most frequently when people interact around portable speakers. Similarly, you can start to look into the sentiment around words of common features found in portable speakers. By combining these two data points you can tap into what the entire market for portable speakers considers most important and likes or dislikes about their current devices. Using this newfound information a research and development team can work on the most important features to customers to enhance the ones that people like and improve on ones people don’t like for the next iteration of a product.

On top of making that product better, you were also just given with information on what you can talk about in your marketing and advertising campaigns when that new product is available, knowing that these are the hot topics consumers consider when buying portable speakers.

Portable Speakers GIF

Make smarter decisions about your supply chain

Predicting how a supply chain needs to be managed to be an interesting task. Using social media to do this isn’t anything new, but Facebook topic data opens up a couple of new data points that can help a company determine where demand for their products might be higher. Traditional social media analytics wisdom would say to look for where people are talking about specific products using geolocation data. While that can be quite helpful, sometimes talk about products can also look quite even across geographic points.

Facebook topic data opens up a few new data points that other social platforms do not offer. For example, if interactions around certain products seem to be about even across an entire country we can then start looking at data such as likes or shares to see where they are getting used the most. Looking at where likes are coming from on posts at an audience-level about a product can help inform us of areas in the country that may be in larger demand to purchase that product and a smart company can ship more of their supply chain toward those areas.

Logistics Planning

The above are just a few examples of how Facebook topic data can be used to create a smarter way of doing business based on data that comes from the largest and most active social network in the world. all of the insights that we talked about above can be easily found using a product that Taps into Facebook topic data like our Sysomos Scout.

If you’d like more information on how you can use Sysomos Scout to tap into Facebook topic data and insights from over 1.6 billion people a month, give us a shout today and will be happy to show you.

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