Why Paid Social Is More Important Than Ever

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

The old mantra in online marketing is that ‘social media is free’. Sure, it’s $0 to sign up for a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook account for your business and it’s easy to publish links or original content out via your earned properties.

Getting your message into the streams, timelines, and inboxes of those who matter to your business, however, isn’t easy. Why? Social marketers today face steep competition on social networks. Because of ever-evolving business models that favor sponsored content, it’s harder than ever to get your message out organically.

But fear not, dear marketer, paid amplification can help you restore reach. Using social platforms to boost content with advanced-based targeting helps you to attract attention to the content you post, making it possible for you to secure new fans, shares, and ultimately sales for your business.

Social is where attention spans are dedicated

There are endless options for marketers to distribute knowledge about products and services, like TV, print, and display advertising. But let’s take a look at social with options, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

Social networks, whether on desktop or mobile, offer the ability to capture potential customers of all ages, where their attention is dedicated to the task at hand. And paying to get your social ad units into the right hands is an investment that’s well worth it.

Target and reporting like no other advertising medium

With advertising and knowing who your customer is, it’s all about touch points. Social platforms offer the richest touch points because of the sheer volume of personal information they have about you, their users.

On Twitter and/or Facebook for example, you can target audiences via:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Political Affiliations
  • Life Events
  • Keywords
  • Connections and Followers
  • Event Targeting
  • Mobile Platforms of Choice

For example, if you wanted to target newly engaged women located in the Southeast US, you could do it easily with social targeting. Following that, you could then measure the effectiveness of click-throughs, engagement rates, and cost per conversions.

Paid enables quicker experimentation

With typical social messaging experimentation, you can try A/B testing on factors such as image styles, word choices and calls to action. Typically you have to post the message and then wait days or weeks for a dataset to become large enough in order to draw conclusions from. However, with paid social, you can test all the above along with audiences, to see what type of content works on different audience segments.

Also, because paid amplification presents the content to the audience more quickly, the experimentation (and amazing results!) are more efficiently realized. Eventually, when you achieve the results you desire, you can boost the spend on those content pieces for even greater return.

Paid exposes an otherwise unseen audience

When social posts are delivered with the right message – and targeted at the right audience using the methods and touch points mentioned above – that’s where the engagement magic happens. The beautify of paid, however, is its ability to surface new audiences that would have otherwise not seen your content.

And if your content is relevant to that audience, there’s a high chance they’ll share it, leading to higher click-through rates and greater visibility into their personal networks.

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