Sysomos Paid Social Analytics: Make Smarter Decisions On How You’re Spending Your Ad Dollars

Sysomos Paid Social Analytics

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Social media advertising started with what we like to call “The Fan Frenzy” several years ago where marketers pushed dollars to gain fans and followers while enabling organic content to reach audiences through limited targeting and ever changing newsfeed algorithms.  As social media channels developed functionality for targeted content distribution marketers were allowed to drive engagement with ads and clear calls to action for consumers.

Introducing Sysomos Paid Social Analytics

Sysomos Paid Social Analytics is our latest solution that will connect brands to all advertising accounts in near real time providing visibility into performance. Sysomos Paid Social Analytics measures social media campaigns to uncover media buying insights for targeting optimization to help drive reach, engagement, and conversions on your paid campaigns.


Sysomos Paid Social Analytics - See Your Entire Funnel In One View

Make Smarter Decisions With Your Money… In Real-Time

Until now most campaign analytics and reports weren’t available until after your campaign had run its course. As well, each campaign you ran was an island onto itself; fragmented by different social networks, geographies and even creative agencies. But Sysomos Paid Social Analytics brings everything together under one roof and allows you to track how everything performs in real-time. With a view like this, smarter decisions can be made on whether to put more money behind well-performing campaigns, pause those that aren’t performing well, or even move your highest performing content around geographies and audiences to maximize its benefits.

Sysomos Paid Social Analytics - Easily Find Which of Your Paid Campaigns Are Performing Best

Sysomos Paid Social Analytics can even set up alerts to let you know when your campaigns are over or under performing, so you can be notified right when important decisions on your campaign spend need to be made in real-time.

Get A Holistic View And Global Insights

Being able to see all of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns side-by-side at the same time will bring new heights of effectiveness to how brands spend money on social campaigns. By enabling a single lens view on all your paid social campaigns, Sysomos Paid Social Analytics gives you the ability to compare top demographics against interests highlighting which target combinations are driving your KPIs. With this information coming from 80 different metrics in real-time, adjustments can be made on the fly to ensure that campaign dollars aren’t being wasted on campaigns that aren’t working properly.

But insights into all your paid campaigns isn’t the only thing that Sysomos Paid Social Analytics gives you a view of. In addition to metrics on your paid campaigns, the dashboard also brings in your owned organic page insights and demographic analytics giving you a holistic view of your brand’s owned and paid media in one single place for the first time ever.

In addition to this, having everything together allows for easy regional or global roll-ups for reporting on demand. No longer will you need to copy and paste information coming from multiple departments, agencies, media planners, geographies, and social networks to create performance reports. They’re already there waiting for you.

Quote from Sam Ahmed, CMO Mastercard APAC


Optimize All Your Markets More Efficiently

With this new found view into how all of your campaigns and markets are performing in real-time, it becomes possible to identify the content that is best achieving your desired results and amplify it across other campaigns, audiences, and geographies. Sysomos Paid Social Analytics allows for campaign assets and messaging to be easily shared across all of a brand’s markets and directly into their Ad Accounts regardless of regions, agencies and ad-tech being used to purchase and manage these campaigns. So, when one campaign is outperforming all your others, easily get to the right people to get it in front of more audiences for less spend and better results.

Sysomos Paid Social Analytics - See How All Of Your markets Are Performing At The Same Time
If you want to see how Sysomos Paid Social Analytics can help you better optimize your campaigns by being able to understand their performance better, faster, and smarter, contact us today and we’ll be happy to show you.

Additionally, join us on August 13th for a live webinar where we will show you all the benefits of Sysomos Paid Social Analytics live. Click here to register today.

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