Which Brands Are Taking Home Medals So Far?

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It’s been a full week since the world has come together in Brazil to celebrate and watch their greatest athletes. But the athletes aren’t the only ones that are competing at this time. Brands are also vying to get as much attention as they can as eyeballs are glued to TVs, online media, and social media. But how well are these brands actually doing?

We used Sysomos MAP to dive into analytics and see just how well the 11 official worldwide sponsors have been performing in the social media world. To do so, the mentions had to fall under very specific guidelines. We first made sure that every mention of a brand also referenced the Olympics through either the official hashtag of the games or some other means. From there we built a query for each brand that included things like their name, commonly used names, social media handles or official Olympic campaign hashtags.

Here’s what we found:

General Electric – 412 Mentions

Sysomos MAP - Social Media Activity Around General Electric

General Electric was the brand we found that had the lowest amount of mentions over the past week. While GE likely plays a large role behind the scenes at the games that no one gets to see, that has also played out in the social media world.

The largest spike in social conversations the brand saw was during the Opening Ceremonies on August 5th. However, this spike resulted from people complaining that the ceremonies were being interrupted for commercials. People also seemed to be confused by the commercial General Electric was showing in which octopi were falling from the sky.

Sysomos MAP - Word Cloud Around General Electric

Panasonic – 557 Mentions

Sysomos MAP - Panasonic Social Activity Around The Games

Panasonic is another brand that likely plays a large behind the scenes role during the games. The company provides projectors and screens so that people can watch the games, but it may not get large amounts of attention. Trying to correct that, though, the brand’s largest spike in conversation came from a press release that came out on August 11th detailing how their innovation is fueling the games along with their partners.

Bridgestone Tires – 577 Mentions

Sysomos MAP - Activity Around Bridgestone Tires At The Games

Bridgestone has been quite active in social media over the past week, however, most of it has been around their #TeamBridgestone hashtag on its own. When combined with our qualifier of being mentioned alongside the Olympics in some way, the brand only saw 577 mentions. Most of these also occurred on the first day of the games and were around an op-ed piece about Bridgestone bringing music down to the games and a fun tweet that showed what athlete Kelly O’Hara packed for the games.

Proctor & Gamble – 669 Mentions

Sysomos MAP - Proctor & Gamble Activity Around The Games

Proctor & Gamble is a large supporter of the games but do so mostly through their many brands, not as the larger umbrella corporation. As you can see above, P&G, on it’s own, has only been mentioned 669 times along with our qualifying terms in the past week. This was mostly around an influencer campaign that they launched with mommy bloggers in conjunction with Wal-Mart and SheSpeaks called “#LetsFuelHerDreams.” The campaign is meant to promote that portions of P&G product sales at Wal-Mart will go towards helping to fund athletes.

Dow Chemical – 1,007 Mentions

Sysomos MAP - Dow Chemical Activity Around The Games

Dow Chemical is a brand that many people wouldn’t necessarily associate with sports and athletes, which may explain why they have only seen 1,007 mentions around the games. However, they have been doing an effective job of making the brand’s initiatives known as outlined by the buzzgraph below,

Sysomos MAP - Buzzgraph of Dow Chemical Social Chatter

Atos – 1,402 Mentions

Sysomos MAP - Atos Social Activity Around The Games

Atos makes a lot of technology that helps the games to run behind the scenes. The company plays an important role but people may not know who they are if you don’t work in IT. Despite that, Atos has made a decent effort into getting their name out around the games. They had their largest spike around this on August 6th when they tweeted out an interesting infographic of the history of how technology has been used at the games:

Omega – 3,690 Mentions

Sysomos MAP - Omega Social Activity Around The Games

Omega is the official time keeping sponsor of the games and can be seen at almost every event. However, the largest spike in conversation that the brand has seen in the past week came from an event that they held in Rio. On that day, the #OmegaHouse hashtag was used the second most in tweets that also contained mentions of the games.

Sysomos MAP - Top Hashtags Around Omega

Visa – 8237

Sysomos MAP - Visa Social Activity Around The Games

Visa had their largest spike in activity on the opening day if the games, which can be attributed to two key reasons. The first was that they launched an initiative to help athletes better manage their money both while competing and afterwards. The second driver of this spike was a commercial, aptly named “Carpool,” that came out a few weeks earlier, but gained attention from people during the Opening Ceremonies:

McDonald’s – 9,653 Mentions – Bronze Medal

Sysomos MAP - McDonald's Social Activity Around The Games

McDonald’s comes in with the bronze medal by managing to garner 9,653 mentions in the first week.McDonald’s is also the only brand that we’ve seen to have multiple large spikes in social activity so far. Their largest spike though occurred on August 5th with an effective initiative where their Ronald McDonald Charity Houses worked to bring 100 children getting aide from them from around the world and made them part of the Opening Ceremonies:

Samsung – 20,567 Mentions – Silver Medal

Sysomos MAP - Samsung Social Activity Around The Games

Samsung receives the silver medal with over 20,500 mentions connected to the games so far. They have been actively promoting their role as part of the games, which has paid off. Like a few other brands, Samsung’s largest spike in social mentions came because of a commercial that was being shared on August 6th featuring people from around the world singing a song together in their respective languages called “The Anthem.”

Coca-Cola – 46,696 Mentions – Gold Medal

Walking away with the gold medal is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola saw a huge amount of mentions, more than doubling silver placed Samsung. This seemed like an amazing feat to get that many mentions associated with some official games terms – until we dug into why.

Sysomos MAP - Tweet Types

It turns out that in Japan Coca-Cola is running a contest in conjunction with their official Japanese app, Coke ON. For the contest, people with the app have a chance to win money and the amount of money depends on how many times the following tweet gets retweeted:

Keep in mind that these numbers only tell part of the story as we’re only a week into the games. As well, many of these brands above are running campaigns throughout the games and consumers may not always make the connections to official terms around the games as much as brands would like. There’s still a lot of games left to play though, so there’s still a lot that can happen before it’s all over.

Have you seen a brand doing a good job taking advantage of the games in their social media? Let us know about it in the comments.


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