A Guide to Sponsored Twitter Cards

Alex DiRenzo Alex DiRenzo, Former Contributor

Given the recent adoption of algorithm based timelines vs chronological timelines by many of the social channels, highly focused ad targeting and top notch sponsored content are critical to ensure that the right messages are being seen by the right audiences. With social ad budgets taking up a greater share of marketing dollars it’s important to get the right blend of creative content, enticing calls to action, and focused targeting to make sure you get the greatest return on your investment.

Although much of today’s social ad spending talk has been focused on the spotlight channels of Instagram and Facebook, Twitter offers some of the best targeting and most affordable ad options in the industry. It also offers a very wide range of ad types – known as Twitter cards. Whether you are an experienced social advertiser with a big budget or just starting out with a conservative budget, Twitter cards can be a great option as it allows you to get in front of people in very specific ways thanks to the breadth of cards available.

Navigating Twitter cards, knowing what can be done with each of them and what their strengths and specifications are, can sometimes be confusing for both experienced social advertisers and those just starting out. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to walk you through the 10 types of Twitter cards.


Twitter Ad Types - Website Cards2.4

Twitter Ad Types - Lead Gen Cards2.2

Twitter Ad Types - Basic App Cards2.2

Twitter Ad Types - Image App Cards2.2

Twitter Ad Types - Promoted Video Cards2.3

Twitter Ad Types - Single Image Tweet and Gif Cards2.2

Twitter Ad Types - multi image Cards2.2

Twitter Ad Types - summary Large Image Summary Cards2.3

Twitter Ad Types - Video App Cards2.2

Twitter Ad Types - Vine Cards2.2

Regardless of which cards you choose to advertise with on Twitter, solid content and creative is lost without focused targeting. Getting your carefully chosen ads in front of the audiences they were designed for allows you to get even more return on your investment.

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