[Infographic] The Value of Influencer Marketing

Alex DiRenzo Alex DiRenzo, Former Contributor

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming a major part of the social marketing strategies for many marketers and agencies a like. With digital marketing spend increasing every year, more and more dollars are being devoted to influencer marketing programs due to their potential for significant ROI yields with often less resources.

However, for those with early maturity social strategies, and often little spending room for experimentation, it can be easy to brush off influencer marketing as a nice-to-have. They’ve heard it works but the assumption is without significant resources at their disposal it can be too much of a risk for the average organization to execute well. This assumption could not be more wrong.

The value of influencer marketing is undeniable and no matter the size, resources, or sophistication, of a marketer or agency, all should be considering integrating an influencer marketing strategy into their social plans, even if their just beginning. The prospect of being able to reach consumers, inside and outside your traditional audience, in engaging ways, and through trusted voices is value that can’t be found through many if any other forms of social media marketing.

Do we have you sold yet on the value of influencer marketing? Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve compiled an infographic some hard hitting stats about how paying attention to influencer marketing can lead to excellent business value.


Influencer Infographic - Final (Small without Intro)


To learn more about how you can master the art of influencer marketing and start to see some of the value show above, check out our handy A-Z Guide on Influencer Marketing. In it you’ll discover how to navigate the search for influencers on social media, as well as get tips on how to grow, maintain, and maximize ROI from your influencer relationships.

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