‘Coffee Nap’ – An Ace In The Hole

Heather Satterfield Heather Satterfield, Marketing Manager

Recently I was introduced to the term ‘coffee nap’. I love coffee and I love naps. Turning these two words into a duo could be the beginning of everything my life needs right now. If I could master the coffee nap before I enter the world of parenthood in a couple months, that would be ideal. However, before I sign-up for the unknown I should probably do a little research to make sure the coffee nap is truly for me. To get a better understanding of the coffee nap let’s see what details the social data can tell us using the Sysomos platform.

Before we get to what people are saying about coffee naps, we need to understand what it is exactly. Some of us need a few cups or even a pot of coffee to get us completely ramped up for the day. Additionally, coffee and sleep are usually not mentioned in the same sentence together. It normally takes the caffeine from a cup of coffee about 30 minutes to kick in, making that an optimal window for a power nap. At the conclusion of your half-hour coffee nap, you get a one-two punch of energy from the coffee and the power nap. Below is a short video that will better explain the science behind the coffee nap.

Using a query from Sysomos Search from July to October we can see a number of insights and analytics surrounding the term ‘coffee nap’. As you can see from the buzz graph, nap and coffee have a strong association with each other. Another word that stands out on the buzz graph is hyped, which is a word that could be linked to both coffee and nap.

We can also use the word cloud to see correlations between coffee and naps. The words that stand out for me here are – productive, surprising boost, and nap friends. We all want to be more productive and effective in our jobs and day-today life. Studies on the correlation of coffee and naps have shown that we make less errors, perform better, and can go longer without sleep if we drink coffee and allow ourselves to take a 30-minute snooze.

Also, with the idea of ‘coffee nap’ friends, coffee shops might begin offering nap-time hours or combo deals where you get a cup of coffee and a pillow or an eye mask. Instead of book club meet-ups, there would be ‘coffee nap’ meet-ups. Companies could offer ‘coffee nap-time’ as a new office culture perk, using this as an opportunity to increase camaraderie among employees.  Maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, but you can see how the notion of the ‘coffee nap’ could be a game changer for many.

Here’s another interesting point, men make up 62% of those talking about coffee naps on Twitter. Digging into this a bit more, the gender demographics for those only mentioning coffee saw women as the majority at 52%. Taking the same into consideration for those only mentioning naps, again women ruled the conversation at 60%. If more women are talking about coffee and naps, then why are they not leading the conversation on coffee naps? Perhaps they realize that they barely have time for one or the other and combining them may not be something they’ve considered.

A couple months from now when my newborn only allows for a few hours of sleep, the ‘coffee nap’ will be my ace in the hole. Be assured that I’ve got my 1-cup French press and pillow ready for a test run this weekend. If you’d like to learn more about Sysomos Search and the flexibility to search for what you want, when you want it, sign-up for your free trial today.

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