Stranger Things 2 In Parallel

Heather Satterfield Heather Satterfield, Marketing Manager

Many of you kicked off the countdown to Halloween by feasting your eyes upon Stranger Things 2, which was released by Netflix on Friday, October 27. I may have been the only person not to binge watch Stranger Things 2 over weekend. Though I am eager to see what the Duffer Brothers cooked up for this second season. While it’s all the talk in my social feeds and around the office, you could say I was drawn to do some social data research on the hit show.

Using the Compare feature within Sysomos Search I compared the Stranger Things 2 crew: Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas. Don’t worry, there’s no spoiler details with this post. We looked at all of the mentions of Stranger Things 2 from the opening weekend to see of the people mentioning the show, were they also mentioning any one of these 5 characters. We can easily see that Eleven tops her friends at 27k mentions upon the release date on Oct 27. Meaning that of the 563k mentions of Stranger Things 2 on the day of release, 4.8% of those mentions were about Eleven.

I really like the share of voice feature of Search because it allows you to take the comparison of each character to see who owns the percentage of mentions comparatively. When combining the total mentions of all 6 characters we can see the breakdown by percentage of who had the most mentions between October 27-30. Eleven and Will share over 60% of the overall voice. Outside of Eleven, the share of voice is pretty even, except for Lucas. I’m left wondering what happened to Lucas; were his scenes not compelling enough for people to mention him?

It’s fascinating to see a breakdown by gender of who’s talking about these characters. We can see that Eleven is the most talked about between both men and women. However, it’s interesting that women are equally talking about Dustin, Mike, and Will, yet men are talking slightly more about Dustin and Will. If we compare the voices of both men and women who are mentioning these characters collectively, women make up 56% and men weigh in with 44%, which roughly coincides with the overall gender split of those only talking about Stranger Things 2.  Additionally, even though there’s a smaller group of people talking about Lucas, more women seem to discuss him than men. The further I get into this the more I want to know about Lucas.

Here’s where this social data starts to get fun. When we compare the geography of those talking about these 5 characters we can see that people in the US are talking about them much more than folks in Canada. It seems that based on geography alone, Eleven, Dustin and Will are the most popular in the US. However, as we look at other countries things begin to shift. In Brazil Mike and Will are the most mentioned Stranger Things 2 characters. In Argentina Mike is the most popular character based on mentions, while in France Dustin is the most talked about.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the sentiment of these mentions. The positive sentiment seems to be pretty even between most of the characters when comparing only the positive and negative mentions. Nevertheless, Will’s negative sentiment soars to another universe, maybe even the Upside Down. Forget about Lucas, I want to know what Will did to get such unfavorable mentions.

After seeing the social data results of Stranger Things 2 and the character crew of Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will and Lucas I’m even more eager to binge watch this new season. I want to see what all of the hype is about and have that aha moment where I can pinpoint some of the flags raised by the social data. If you want to know more about Sysomos Search take a look at the top 5 things you can do with this platform and signup for your free trial today.


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