Commercials Saved Super Bowl Sunday

Heather Satterfield Heather Satterfield, Marketing Manager

We are all thinking it, so let’s state the obvious – this year’s Super Bowl was a complete bore. The game itself was so lackluster and let’s not talk about the mediocre half-time show. However, there were some great commercials that made it all worth watching.

Thrillist took the 53 commercials during Super Bowl and ranked them. Using Search I took their top 3 and compared them to my top 3 to see how they stacked up against each other in terms of online conversations during Super Bowl Sunday and Monday, after we all had time to digest everything.

The top 3 from Thrillist were Bubly, Avocados from Mexico, and Microsoft. The Bubly commercial was pretty clever and funny, but it’s still not enough to make me want carbonated flavored water. I’m simply not a fan, but I can enjoy a good laugh. Avocados from Mexico made me chuckle, especially when we consider the one human who made a run for the table full of guacamole. She had a better chance of getting to the guac than Todd Gurley did of finding the end-zone. Microsoft certainly tugged at the heart strings by making us aware of how a product as simple as a game controller for those with disabilities can have a positive impact.

Below are the actual ads for these 3 brands:


Avocados from Mexico


My top 3 were Stella Artois, M&M’s, and the Washington Post commercials. I could totally relate to the Stella Artois commercial because as adventurous as I like to be in my own kitchen, when I go out to my usual spots I tend to always get the same thing. When I do change it up, it throws everyone for a loop. Yes, change is good, thanks for the reminder Stella. As soon as I saw Christina Applegate at the wheel of the M&M’s ad I was transported back to the 90’s with flashbacks of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. The Washington Post commercial was a favorite of mine because it reminds us that stories must be told and shared. It is through knowing that we stay connected, even if at times this the world feels disjointed.

Below are the actual ads for my favorites:

Stella Artois

Washington Post


When we collectively compare the share of voice between the 6 commercials aired during Super Bowl Sunday, we gain insight into which one was more heavily discussed online. In terms of activity you can see key spikes for each commercial, but none reached quite as high as Washington Post or Microsoft.

The share of voice between each of these also points to the Washington Post commercial and the Microsoft ad as being the top performers in online conversations. What’s shocking is that M&M’s are hardly mentioned. Bubly, Avocados from Mexico, and Stella Artois had similar stats. Maybe this means that people like beer with their guac more so than carbonated water. It’s a stretch that I’ll save for another blog post. I also think that the Washington Post commercial sparked conversations from a number of audiences which may point to the reason it’s the driver of the share of voice.

At the end of the day, I’m very thankful for the creativity of those who worked hard to make these commercials for us to enjoy, love, laugh at, cry with, and critique because collectively they were so much better than the actual game and Adam Levine’s upholstery threads.

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