3 Trends Impacting Social Media in 2019

Heather Satterfield Heather Satterfield, Marketing Manager

Big changes occurred in 2018 with regard to social media, but what does that mean for 2019? In our post, Biggest Social Media Trends for 2019, we discuss what is involved with reaching your audience in 2019. In our new eBook, Social Media Predictions for 2019, we want to take a deeper dive into how you can prepare for these trends and predictions to help you plan your social media strategy.

Algorithm Changes

 Marketers really felt the pinch of organic reach declining on the Facebook platform. The major change though was the timeline algorithm, which made it easier for users to see content from friends and family, but harder for brands to squeeze into your timeline. This caused brands to fork over some funds by boosting posts. This seems to be a trend that will continue for brands. Keep creating great content and add a boost to get it seen.

Do you remember the uproar Instagram users created in 2016 when Instagram threw the chronological order of posts out the window? Well, they made another change in 2018 that encourages authentic connects over brands. Not quite back to the original chronological order, but close. Brands must now pay more attention to the timing of their posts on Instagram to get those key connections.

Twitter is putting its eggs into the nest of video. Live video streams are getting priority on users’ timelines. This certainly plays into Twitter’s hand of being the channel that is in tune with what’s happening right now. In an interesting move by Twitter, they allow users to opt out of the algorithm and switch back to the chronological timeline.

In 2019 the platforms will be focusing on the quality of timelines. That means that brands must create and publish spot-on content, while putting a little bit of money behind the posts.

GIFs and Fake News

In our eBook we cover a number of 2019 trend predictions and you can find them all here. Two of those trends we hope you are prepared for are the rise of GIFs and the fake news backlash.

More and more brands are starting to engage with GIFs and include them in their campaigns and engagement. The first brand to come to mind for me when I hear of brand using GIFs is Mail Chimp. Not only are they using them effectively, but they’re created by their employees. We did a recent case study of how they use GIFs, be sure to check it out. Often times GIFs can say more for your brand than characters can. It also helps add a little spice to your social posts and lets your followers see a fun side. Like we say in the eBook, if you’re not already using GIFs, now is the time to factor them into your marketing activity.

The social platforms are fully aware of the fake news issues that grown all over the world. They also know that if they do not make changes to the quality of the content shared on their platforms, users will leave. When users leave for these reasons it is going to not only hurt the platforms, but also the marketers and brands that follow correct advertising approaches. In 2019 expect to see the platforms recover and maintain their integrity by cracking down on click bait and propaganda. What that means for marketers is that you should make sure your actions on social are not mistaken for “fake news”.

Again, to get more insight into the trends of 2019 download your copy of our eBook and keep it handy throughout the year and as you plan your next campaign. To learn more about how we can help you build a world-beating social strategy in 2019 visit us at: meltwater.com/social

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