How Basic Analytics Boost Social Presence

Laura Hoffman Laura Hoffman, Contributor

In 2019, social media is king in the marketing world. A like, re-share or tweet can make or break a campaign while also giving your company or brand insight into the demographic seeing and interacting with the content.

One theme coming out in the social media world recently is the relaxed and “unprofessional” way profiles are interacting with consumers. Whether it’s pop culture references, memes or parodying real life events—does being atop of all the pop culture references truly mean you’re at the top of your social media game? Let’s deep dive.

Basic analytics are your best friend when boosting your social media presence. Insights like buzz words for engagement, times posts are being published and competing factors all used with a certain search will help you move towards a more tailored and stronger presence for those users seeking out specific content.

Three main subjects to think about when forming a plan to juice up those socials:

Time of Day

If you are posting the number one campaign in your schedule at 11 p.m. when everyone should be sleeping, rethink the posting schedule you’re currently using. Time is on your side with this one!

Take a look at the most recent activity on each social post—find a sweet spot of when you’re getting the most likes, the most comments and the most views. All of this combined will give you a better insight on when you should be posting.

Competing Factors

Another theme you should think about when scheduling posts is what is going on elsewhere in the world while the content is posting. A smart move would be to either go with the flow of big events or wait until they’re over completely.

Take the Super Bowl for instance. Brands fight for prime commercial spots during the game knowing a large amount of people will be in front of the TV seeing their message. If you know you can’t compete with something like the super bowl, why would you? But hey, if you can keep up with it—go for it!


Slang, colloquialisms, buzz words and even language all play a key role in boosting social media presence.

Wendy’s twitter comes to mind immediately.

They interact in a certain way with their followers and it brings attention to the company in what could have been seen as unconventional way a few years ago. Now, we see it as genius.

The Wendy’s profile keeps up with pop culture and current happenings, bringing more relevance and interest to an all too bland topic, fast food. Being able to tie a product, idea and post back to simple topics the crowd understands will boost the content of your profiles more than a straight and to the point post ever could.

Overall, being active on social media and boosting your presence takes time.

Striking gold with a campaign and keeping up with the all the little details to keep the social media following alive takes effort. Don’t forget the details of keeping your accounts afloat! Remember the main subjects: time of day, who or what is going to outshine the post and engagement—now watch your socials soar!

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