Criticism Lights The Lamp For The Canes

Laura Hoffman Laura Hoffman, Contributor

The Carolina Hurricanes, a National Hockey League team based in Raleigh, NC, gained national attention due to a small, but powerful quote made by hockey broadcasting legend, Don Cherry– what a “bunch of jerks.”

The Carolina Hurricanes have been making waves in the all too serious hockey community lately due to their winning celebrations. Some people, including Cherry, think it’s a slap in the face to the other team and the league, while others think it’s much needed in the all too serious game, but who’s going to say no to a free shout out?

Fans of the team and others around the league took to Twitter to air their grievances on the debated topic of, should hockey be fun or not?

With a spike of 3.7K tweets, everyone seemed to be chiming in on if the Carolina Hurricanes were really a “bunch of jerks” for making their job fun.

The @NHLCanes twitter account of course jumped in on the televised roast and took advantage of the free publicity:

It’s like they knew the wave of engagement was coming, and on the eve of a home game, the team decided to profit on their fun culture!

Even those who are connected to critics were chiming in to raise money for a notable cause, so really is it so bad that a team is creating a conversation about what is taboo and what isn’t when it comes to the game of hockey?

It’s uncanny how one statement made by someone of notable tenure in a sports community can start a chain reaction of positive and negative mentions–all good press for the Carolina Hurricanes.

If people are talking, and keep talking, it was all a win in anyone’s book.

Even a few days after the initial roast was made, the community continues to talk about the merch and the Carolina Hurricanes’ celebrations. Of course, now the shift of focus is going to be the fresh merchandise the team is releasing, but a profit is a profit.

It just goes to show how powerful one mention can be. The sports community should really #takewarning and take some notes on the Carolina Hurricanes’ marketing techniques on this one. When your brand gets a shout out or criticism that you can bank on, take advantage!



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