7 Creative Ways to Get Better Results on Facebook

Heather Satterfield Heather Satterfield, Marketing Manager

Facebook provides many tools and features that can help all types of businesses engage more powerfully with their customers. Even if you have a Facebook page and post regularly to your timeline you may be overlooking some useful techniques that would boost your results. Here are seven creative Facebook marketing tips that will help you grow your business.

1. Share Native Videos

It’s well known that video has basically taken over the internet in the last few years. When it comes to Facebook, however, there’s a crucial distinction that’s not as widely understood. Many people share YouTube videos on Facebook. However, studies show that native Facebook videos get 10 times more shares than YouTube videos!

It’s natural that Facebook would favor its own videos over those of a competitor. Thus, your posts are more likely to be seen by followers if you use native video. Another factor is that the seamless look of native videos on Facebook get more people to click. Whatever the reason, it makes sense to start using more native videos in your marketing.

2. Focus on Helpful Rather Than Promotional Content

You can use social media as part of your content marketing strategy. With this approach, you want to do more than simply post promotional updates about your business. Facebook gives you as much space as you need to write longer posts that your audience will find interesting. Another option is to post your longer content on your own blog and link to it on Facebook. The same, of course, can be done if you post your content on another third-party site such as Tumblr, Medium or anywhere else.

Get creative in the topics you cover. If your business is related to health and fitness, you can cover the latest trends in exercise and link to relevant research. If you have a food-related business, you can share recipes and talk about the history of food or wine in a particular region.

3. Make the Most of User-Generated Content

User-generated content or USC is always welcome as it means your followers are helping you with the task of creating content. It also shows that they’re interested and engaged. Always answer comments and questions on your timeline. The only exception is if people are obviously trolling or being abusive.

Contests are a good way to get your followers to pay attention and share your content. The more relevant you can make it to your business, the better. You might have people send in photos of themselves using or consuming your products. If you have a physical location, they can send in photos taken at your store, restaurant, salon or gym.

4. Use Facebook Stories

The Stories feature started on Snapchat but was quickly copied by Instagram and, more recently Facebook. They are short videos that appear for 24 hours. It’s a powerful feature that gives you extra visibility. Stories are featured prominently near the top of the page. As Facebook timelines get ever more crowded, Stories helps you stand out.

  • Use Stories to give people an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at your business. Remember that the content is short-lived so keep it timely.
  • Facebook supplies camera effects such as masks and filters to customize the look of your Stories. At the same time, you should keep the appearance consistent with your brand image.
  • Announce special deals and promotions. Provide an extra incentive for watching your Stories by including discount codes. If you have a physical business, you could tell people to mention a certain phrase to get the discount.
  • Create Collaborative Stories. This feature, which allows multiple users to contribute to Stories, works well with groups and events. Members of your Facebook Group or event attendees can all contribute. You do, however, have to monitor the content to make sure it’s appropriate.

5.  Create a Facebook GroupFacebook Groups have been around for almost as long as Facebook itself. It’s a feature, however, that many businesses still haven’t investigated or used. The key to a successful group is to focus on people’s interests rather than making it all about you and your business. A group can help you build community and make more contacts.You can create either an open or closed group. A group that’s open to the public is suitable for most businesses. However, a closed group can serve a slightly different purpose. This is useful if you want to focus on a very specific topic. Membership can be offered as a perk if you provide any type of coaching or online training. For example, you can include membership to your exclusive group as a bonus when someone buys a product or signs up for your consulting services.

6. Provide Customer Service on Facebook

More and more companies are starting to offer customer service on social media. Customers appreciate this as it gives them a convenient way to get help. Only do this, however, if you’re able to monitor the page and provide quick replies. If you or your employees aren’t able to give sufficient attention to this task, it’s better to stick to your usual customer service channels. You never want to give people the experience of asking for help and not getting a reply.

There are tools that can make it easier to manage Facebook customer support. You can arrange to get notifications on your phone or use software that integrates with Facebook Messenger so that you don’t miss customers’ questions.

7. Experiment With Boosted Posts

If paid advertising on social media is part of your marketing strategy, Facebook ads can be helpful. At the same time, advertising on this competitive platform has gotten quite a bit more costly in recent years. For this reason, many small businesses are mainly interested in using free or low-cost marketing methods on social media.

Even if you’re mainly focused on organic methods it can be worthwhile to make a small investment in ads that raise your visibility. One of the best ways to do this is with boosted posts that look like free content. You can sponsor text posts or videos. Target your audience by demographics such as geography, age, interests, gender or income. Use this type of ad as a way to build your brand rather than expecting an immediate ROI.

These are some simple and effective ways to get more out of Facebook. If you’re creative about it you stay ahead of the competition and make your posts, pages, stories and groups stand out. For all of these methods, it’s important to carefully consider the kind of content that best suits your audience.


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