Twitter is currently going crazy about a new trend breaking the internet–Vans shoes

Laura Hoffman Laura Hoffman, Contributor

Something about this topic is a little out of pocket, why are people freaking out about the skater shoes?

See for yourself:

Some people are taking the theory into their own hands:

Some people are here watching–waiting:

And then there are some who just are not having it:

Whichever way you decide to go with this trend, this small surge of mentions for Vans shoes is nothing but good PR for the company. The theories of whether or not the shoes are “possessed” or are quite literally “cats in shoe form” are up to the user’s discretion, but the amount of mentions ebbing and flowing through the platform are uncanny–all over shoes!

An interesting factor of this trend to note, it’s gone international in just a few hours! Making its way to France due to the likes of @GlamourParis writing about the challenge in the early morning hours of the initial tweets being sent out.

It’s amazing to think, one retweet or mention by someone in another country can make a tweet go viral in hours.

Take a look at the hypothetical impressions and reach from the 12-hour span when this trend really hit the Twitter-verse.

It’s quite impressive of the impressions and reach are as large as they are for such a quick trend, which came and went as quickly as the initial video was made.

Vans Europe and Mexico, Complex Sneakers and even @USATODAYmoney got into the conversation about the skater shoes. Some writing about the science behind the rubber soled shoes and why they always land fabric side up, some on the other hand rating the flips.

What’s the real hot take on this one? An Internet breaking discovery or a marketing scheme that obviously is doing its job? Whichever way, we love it!

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