Plan to Storm Area 51 Takes Off on Social

Laura Hoffman Laura Hoffman, Contributor

Area 51, a secret military base hidden in the Nevada Desert, is the subject of a long running conspiracy theory involving aliens, UFOs, government secrets, and now a booming Facebook group.

The Facebook event page “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” has 1.5 million Facebook users listed as attending and a further 1.2 million users interested. The public has taken this joke invitation and ran with the thought of actually raiding Area 51.

The topic has enjoyed a solid presence on the internet for the past week with the audience screaming, “Let’s see them aliens!” Since July 7, this has brought in more than 2.4 Million mentions.

It’s important to note the ebbs and flows going on within the “Latest Activity” graph. As long as the conversation is still happening, it’s still valid — whereas a month or two in the future, this Facebook group will not be topical anymore.

Just like the Vans shoes craze that happened in early March, this niche alien joke will sunset into the archives of the internet.

Again, never underestimate the power of a funny topic and the internet sprinting to make memes and poke fun. With 2.1 Million mentions coming in through the past seven days, billions of impressions are being had.

With more memes being made as you’re reading this and additional tweets being typed about how people are going to raise their personal aliens, there’s no doubt about the power of Twitter and a Facebook invitation.

The proof is in the mentions, and these mentions don’t lie — aliens are hot and that’s no conspiracy. Take a look for yourself!

There are some Twitter users trying to take some real life action:

Some users are running with the joke:

But most of all, all will be fed:

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