The 2019 Apple Announcement Twitter Teardown

Lance Concannon Lance Concannon, Marketing Director, Europe

There’s one event that unites all the people of the earth, if only for one day a year, whatever their creed, nationality, or follower count; Apple’s Annual Shiny New Thing Announcement. As this three month trend-line shows, people can’t shut up about Apple at the best of times, with a daily baseline of 100k to 200k mentions on Twitter throughout the year, but for Apple’s big day out yesterday, mentions of the brand peaked at 3.3 million.

These tweets came from 1.7 million individual users, generating a massive 797 billion impressions, and they were split fairly evenly between original posts, retweets, and replies.

What got everybody hyped? Apart from the obvious fact that the new iPhone 11 is +1 better than the iPhone 10, the wordcloud shows us that a lot of people were excited about the new triple camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro. Why does a phone need three cameras? We don’t know, social analytics software is our thing, we’ll leave all that phone stuff to the hardware guys, they know what they’re doing, probably.

You can see that the new Apple Watch also captured a lot of attention, but notably there were very few mentions of the new iPad that was launched at the same event. In fact, out of the 3 million tweets about the event, only around 100k mentioned the iPad at all.

That’s all fine, but how did everybody feel about the announcements? Let’s get sentimental…

A third positive, nearly 12 percent negative, but mostly a whole lot of meh. OK, for legal reasons we should probably clarify that “neutral” just means that our sentiment analysis algorithm wasn’t able to identify a strong feeling either way in a tweet, and you shouldn’t read anything more into it. But that’s a relatively high neutral percentage for this kind of analysis.

Looking at the most commonly used emojis in the conversation is a good way of getting a better understanding of the more complex nuances of how people respond on an emotional level to a particular topic. Except that the top result is always *crying laughing* emoji for pretty much every single topic. Based on the number of times that emoji is used, you’d expect the entire human race to be walking around in a constant state of uncontrollable guffawing. Aside from that, the emojis paint a pretty mixed picture, some happy, some tears, some confusion, and 2.2% the grim spectre of human mortality, apparently.

Nothing brings the world together like a new iPhone, but mostly America. And Thailand, for some reason.

As always, we’ll give the final word to the most shared tweet in the discussion…