“The Sysomos platform is very useful for us, because it has many different elements, not just for managing a brands presence on social but for researching and understanding people’s conversations”

Juan Isaza – VP of Strategic Planning and Social Media, DDB Latina

DDB Uses Social Data to Support Clients in Latin Markets

As one of North Americas leading agencies DDB is a household name amongst marketers, and well known for creating award winning work that connects with their client’s audiences. With divisions serving markets all over the world, and with each market having its own unique approach to social media marketing, DDB needed a flexible tool that can help them find the insights they need to help clients make deep connections with their customers. That’s why DDB relies on the Sysomos platform to provide them with unmatched access to tools to help them research, analyze, listen and create strategic plans for helping their customers succeed in their markets.

In this case study we hear from Juan Isaza, VP of Strategic Planning and Social Media, at DDB Latina. He discusses how they use Sysomos to up their research abilities by leveraging social media listening to understand how consumers think and act, and to find opportunities for their clients to creatively engage. He also discusses how they look for insights about consumer’s lives versus only branded conversations as a way to inform their strategy and offer their clients new ways of seeing their consumers.

We try to understand what people say about their life, relationships, free time

It’s a differentiated way of understanding those consumers and their motivations

We need to move in real time at the speed of how things are happening

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We insist a lot that we need brands to move at the speed of culture, and that’s not possible if you’re not listening, if you’re not monitoring every minute of their audiences

Juan Isaza – VP of Strategic Planning and Social Media, DDB Latina