“Sysomos has been a great partner for us, not only as an agency

but as trusted researchers in general”

Logan Cullen – VP Measurement & Insights, San Francisco

Edelman Uses Social Data to Inform Business Decisions for Activision and Adobe

As the world’s largest independently owned public relations firm, Edelman is a name well known in agency circles for producing best in class work for customers across many different verticals. Today Edelman customers rely on them heavily to strategize and execute for them when it comes to their social media services, and its essential Edelman has a social data and analytics partner to support this.

In this case study we hear from Logan Cullen, VP of Measurements and Insights at Edelman San Francisco. He discusses how Edelman works with some of the bay area’s largest technology companies like Activision and Adobe to provide them with social data to help inform their business strategy. Among other topics, you’ll hear how Edelman supported Activision’s launch of the billion dollar gaming franchise Call of Duty, Ghost. Using Sysomos, Edelman provided them with critical audience insights about gameplay, bugs, and features that they were able to use to improve and speed up the release cycle after the game’s initial launch. You’ll also hear how Edelman supported Adobe by uncovering hidden audience segments for one of their photography products that initially had misguided targeting.

From a data perspective the all you can eat data is incredibly important to us

Using social data combined with gameplay data to impact development

Having a data partner that’s on the cutting edge of facilitating partnerships

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Working with Activision for the Call of Duty Ghost launch we used social data to understand what consumers were talking about. What were the their biggest pain points, what were the biggest bugs, what were the biggest yays or nays following the launch

Logan Cullen – VP Measurement & Insights, San Francisco