“We try to measure our engagement. Not only when people ask us questions, but what do we say back, and what are the results at the shelf?”

Meg Fligg – Director of Social Media

Georgia-Pacific Uses Sysomos to Monitor Their Brand Portfolio

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of building products, tissue, packaging, paper, cellulose and related chemicals, Georgia-Pacific is a massive company whose products are likely a part of your ever day life whether you realize it or not. From supporting consumer brands like Brawny paper towel and Angel-Soft tissue, to construction products like engineered lumber and gypsum board for homes, the social media needs of Georgia-Pacific are just as diverse as their brand portfolio.

In this case study we hear from Meg Fligg, Director of Social Media for Georgia-Pacific, and find out how they rely on Sysomos to support their many brands ever growing social media needs. Whether its tracking campaigns, engaging with consumers, monitoring issues, or breaking new ground with image analysis Georgia-Pacific is a great example of how social media marketing and analytics can result in insights that drive the bottom line and inform several aspects of a business.

The insights we got out of social listening helped shape our campaigns

Sysomos offers us superior technology for visual listening

We’ve been very lucky to work with Sysomos for the past 6 years

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We are very excited that Sysomos is offering us opportunities to listen to what people are saying through pictures on social. That can be anything from their cat say getting into the packaging of an Angel-Soft tissue package, to children falling asleep on Quilted-Northern bath tissue in the grocery store.

Meg Fligg – Director, Social Media