“The Sysomos platform helps us achieve our deliverables in two ways,
the first is it gives us the reach, engagement, and sentiment data
above and beyond our own channels”

Katie Miller – Program Manager, The Cloud Developer Relations Team

Google Uses Sysomos to Understand the Global Footprint for The Cloud Developer Programs

Google’s place as one of the world’s largest technology giants is undisputed, and as such the scale of their developer programs are truly global. To understand the social media impact of their developer programs would be a massive undertaking without a partner who can help them in more ways than one. When they started to look for a social marketing and analytics partner they turned to Sysomos to provide them with the insights they could not get from native social channels, and to provide them with raw data in a robust API feed to combine with their own data sources for internal dashboards.

In this case study we hear from Katie Miller, Program Manager for The Cloud Developer Relations Team at Google. She discusses how her team at Google uses Sysomos to measure the global footprint of some of the larger campaigns her team runs. They rely on Sysomos to understand volumes, trends, demographics, engagement, and campaign comparisons to continually learn and improve from one campaign to the next. Katie also discusses how they use API feeds from Sysomos to integrate social data into their own internal dashboards to save time and drive efficiency for her team.

We had real limitations at the time with sentiment and automating the data

We really want to understand the global footprint of some of our larger initiatives

It allows us to incorporate the data into our own internal dashboards

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The second value is with automation, particularly with APIs. It enables us to pull the reports automatically and incorporate them into our own internal dashboards which is incredibly valuable from a time perspective.

Katie Miller – Program Manager, The Cloud Developer Relations Team