“It’s better to join forces and collaborate, and that’s one of the big ideas at Mas Fusion, we want to collaborate and be honest about it”

David Alfaro – CEO, Co-Founder, Mas Fusion Mexico

Mas Fusion and Offering Sysomos to the Mexican Market

When Mas Fusion and Sysomos formed their partnership several years ago it was the beginning of a successful reseller relationship that continues to this day. It’s a relationship formed on a mutual need: for Mas Fusion its access to an industry leading social marketing platform that they can offer their clients and for Sysomos it’s the local market exposure and experience with our solutions that such an innovative and technology focused agency offers.

In this case study we hear fron David Alfaro, CEO and Co-Founder of Mas Fusion in Mexico City. He discusses how they first came to partner with Sysomos that stemmed their efforts to create a similar product that had challenges with scale. David goes into detail on how offering Sysomos to their clients allows their agency to guide and train their customers on how to get meaningful insights from vast amounts of social media data. He also talks about how their customers’ needs have changed to expect actionable insights from their consumer’s real-time life events and moments that present opportunities for brands.

There’s so much information, and we have to help them find a way to use it

Instead of fighting to create our own platform we joined forces with Sysomos

One of the biggest things coming with social media is predictive analytics

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Another thing we are finding customers want to know about are the moments; the moments that customers are living through the consumer journey and also their behaviors. It’s not always about analyzing when consumers mention a brand but also about measuring the moments where you’re just about to use a brand

David Alfaro – CEO, Co-Founder