Midwestern State University is Building a Strong Student Community with Sysomos

Case Study | Midwestern State University

Efficiently Marketing the University

Consumers Digest magazine recently named Midwestern State University the best value in the nation among public universities. Because of its small size and emphasis on value, Midwestern State ensures that every area of its operation makes efficient use of its resources.

To help achieve this goal, the university’s Social Media Director, Matt Steimel, decided to explore tools to integrate social media with the university’s marketing campaigns. The department determined that Sysomos features would be the best fit for its needs.


Midwestern State University uses Sysomos to connect with prospective and current students, address concerns, and increase engagement with the university.

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Engaging Prospective Students

As Midwestern State University has integrated Sysomos into its processes, it has yielded information that enhances recruiting efforts. Sysomos revealed to Steimel that students talked about Midwestern State with their family and friends on social media.

The university also invites potential students with whom it has a social media relationship to attend orientation events where they can visit the campus and learn more about the university. “We’ve found this previously undiscovered source of students excited about the university” says Steimel.

With Sysomos, Midwestern State University is able to analyze our prospective students’ decision-making process while choosing a university. It seemed natural to reach out to some of them who might not realize that Midwestern State had a Twitter account.

Matt Steimel

Retaining Current Students

Sysomos also helps Midwestern State serve its existing students better. Sysomos queries monitor potential safety issues, general questions and hot-button issues among student conversations. In a time when college campuses occasionally become targets for violence, listening to college social media allows campus security to head off any problems before they can become safety threats.

However, students notice day-today inconveniences more often than security problems. Monitoring common subjects gives the university an opportunity to answer pressing questions to individual students while also broadcasting the answer to all who follow the social media accounts.

Similarly, Midwestern State’s student data is mostly manually entered and sometimes contains errors. Students tweet at the university’s accounts when there is a problem with the data such as a misspelled name. Listening with Sysomos allows the university to make updates to the student’s information immediately, which makes existing students feel well served.

Sysomos has enhanced our database accuracy and has helped polish our public image. Paying attention to student concerns at the moment they occur helps everyone: students feel taken care of, and issues like parking and library hours are addressed before the student government has to circulate a petition and spend months becoming frustrated.

Matt Steimel

Expanding the Influence of the University’s Social Media Accounts

Midwestern State has had so much success using Sysomos that it plans to expand how it uses the tool to further improve student retention. With Sysomos, the social media department has identified Twitter accounts that influence students on Twitter. The department focuses promotional efforts on these accounts and tracks the growth of mentions of an upcoming event. The number of students attending various university-run events has increased, which organizers attribute to social media outreach efforts.

Educational theory states that students who attend on-campus events are more engaged and build relationships with each other and the university, and will, therefore, want to continue to attend. Now and in the future, Matt Steimel believes that Sysomos will be an important tool to help the university use its resources efficiently.


Midwestern State University needed new and better ways to attract and retain students Social media opens a new opportunity to reach students, while allowing it to use its marketing budget and resources efficiently.


Sysomos provides data, insights and tools that help the university attract and retain students by reaching them at key decision points and delivering relevant information.


The university uses Sysomos’ engagement dashboard to identify and communicate with prospective students interested in the school and grow participation in on-campus events. Current and prospective students feel better served by the university, which can address their concerns more efficiently. And the number of students attending various university-run events has increased.

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